Twirl Around the Living Room With Me

I love to read.

Wait, we’ve been over my unhealthy obsession with filling my bookshelves before. But, you’re going to want to stick around here for a minute while I tell you about two books that I’ve recently finished reading.  They were both the awesome sauce!



I’m giving away a copy of each one!

Have you ever lived with a man who hunts?  Maybe you’re married to a man who feels the need to adorn your walls with the bucks and ducks who’ve had the misfortune of crossing paths with him? If you haven’t read “Antelope in the Living Room” by Melanie Shankle, I believe you’ll be able to look those poor things dead in the eye with a new appreciation. Oh, yes I do!

Here’s the beauty in Melanie’s book, though: while we often referred to Captain Ahab as the Great Redneck Hunter, my Sweetman is as far from a hunting enthusiast as you can get.  And I still loved this book. Her insights into the marriage relationship had me in stitches and tears, and sometimes both at once.  Good stuff.

More good stuff was found in “Twirl” by Patsy Clairmont.  Have you ever felt like you were spinning around with no clear idea what direction you’d finally end up in? Each page was filled with wit and wisdom for this journey of life and how to get the most out of each whirl we take – planned or not!

Patsy takes you on a delightful romp through many different life stages and situations. Injecting each chapter with wit and wisdom, you will find it easy to pick and choose which chapters you’d prefer to read.  I loved that possibility!

Since I can’t seem to give away any of the snow we’ve had around here lately, I’m giving away books instead.  Comment below by telling me what you’re reading, and you’ll be entered to win. And if you tweet this post to your friends, you will be entered twice! Who doesn’t love that?


There will be two winners! One for each book.  Double comments will not be counted twice.  Giveaway closes on 2/26/14 at midnight!

11 thoughts on “Twirl Around the Living Room With Me

  1. Yess, I’ll take any excuse to collect more books. I just started Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, my list of “To Read Next” can never be too long.

    I shared your post on Twitter @thecharmingfox

  2. I’m currently reading Crystal Paine’s new book, “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” and Emily Freeman’s “A Million Little Ways”. These both sound like great reads!

  3. I just bought Melanie’s book & excited to read it, but if I won that one, I’d give it to my girlfriend 🙂 & I love Patsy.. I want to be her at her age!!!!
    I’m currently reading “Gone Girl”… its taking me too long… I need more time to sit & read & not be interrupted. Yeah, I laughed too at that idea

  4. Wit and wisdom? In stiches and tears, both at once? Awesome sauce! I love book recommendations!!! And I have hunting friends who have a ginormous bear on the wall of their living room. Also, at this very moment, I’m twirling around my whole house. 🙂 I must read both of these. But please don’t enter me to win. I think I’ll just go ahead and pick them up myself and be glad to see you bless someone else with this giveaway. You are simply amazing, sweet friend.

    • By the way, I’m reading “The Cure”, a book and study being real, and about the masks we wear, and believing what God says about you. Tagline: What if God isn’t who you think He is and neither are you?

  5. Hope it makes you feel better that we all share your obsession. Most of my books are packed away in boxes as we have moved to a farm in Rollinsford NH. However two that come to mind are “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Storme Omartin, and “Truth that Sticks” by Arthur T Willis Jr. And Mark Snowdes.
    I’m afraid I don’t Tweet either

  6. Missy I am currently reading Made to Crave (surprise!!) as well as Stone Cold by David Baldacci
    and Mental Pause and other Midlife Laughs by Laura Jensen Walker. I know – what diversity! I have bookshelves full as well as Kindles full!

  7. Oh, I have an unhealthy obsession with books too. But I’m a librarian,so It’s my J-O-B!!!! 🙂
    So I am reading Grace Transforming by Phil Ryken, The Water Castle by Megan Blakemore (kid’s book) and Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs.

  8. Hi Missy,
    I have to tell you how much I look forward to your posts. I can so relate to what you write about and it always brings a smile to my face. Although we’ve never met, I feel like I’ve known you forever and think of you as my friend. No one I know hunts, but I definately know what it feels like to “twirl” in place. Sometimes my “twirling” is so obvious my sassy sons will look at me and just say “Ma, you need a hug?” or they flat out tell me “Go read your bible!”. I also love to read and usually keep two books going at a time depending on what room I’m twirling in.Right now I’m reading Made to Crave, and an awesome book on going deeper into prayer called With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. By the way, I don’t tweet, so I can’t pass this along.

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