We’re Working On It

I posted this picture, which Sweetgirl had drawn, on The Facebook a few weeks ago:


While colorful and detailed, some of the details concern me. Like, why are they picking flowers in ball gowns?  Why can you see through their dresses? And, probably most importantly, why don’t the puffy sleeves look like… sleeves?

“Look at how happy everyone is!”, someone pointed out.

“What lovely and colorful dresses!”, another said.

I chalked it up to “Kindergarten Art.” And, since that last drawing was meant to be delivered to a little friend down the street, I was able to just let it go.

Until this one.

Which is now prominently displayed in the hall.

Of her school.


And it took the loving text message from one of my dearest Sweet Friends to alert me to this. Apparently, lots of folks in our school now have questions.

“Why do they play basketball in ball gowns over there?”

“Those are puffy sleeves, right?”

“Where, exactly, are they buying those ball gowns, anyway?”

However, I am an eternal optimist. Despite the fact that I have never, in the history of ever, played basketball with that child, I see potential in her story-telling abilities.

And then, there’s always this:

Sweetfriend_Text_aboutSweetgirl_MissindeedyOh, yes indeedy!

7 thoughts on “We’re Working On It

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  2. She is ours, all ours and I love that about her! That’s what makes her so special and unique!!!
    Pink and “sparkley”I don’t know where she would get that!

  3. How great is that sweet child of yours with her imagination and her kindergarten artistry? It is priceless indeed. Keep encouraging that precious imaginative mind of hers. Love it!!! So adorable.

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