Winners’ Gonna Win

Y’all have given me grace galore, lately.  Thank you.

I wasn’t on top of the book give-away. We have had a rough bout of stomach bugs and sleepless nights – all in the midst of school vacation week. I am thankful for the puke bucket. Both of them, actually.  And for kids that were so wiped out that we laid around like slugs for three days.

But, you can’t keep us down for long. And now that I’ve pulled myself back up by my bootstraps, I’m on it.

That trusty random generator spit out two beautiful numbers and we’ve got two winners to congratulate:

book_drawing_missindeedy_1 book_drawing_missindeedy_2

So, according to time of comments and tweets:

Phyllis and The Charming Fox, CONGRATULATIONS!

If you could email me at missindeedy at yahoo dot com, with your snail mail addresses, and kindly let me know which book you’d prefer, I’ll get those right out to you!

And, speaking of winners, I was a big winner this weekend, too.  My sweet in-laws offered to take Sweetboy and Sweetgirl for the weekend so that Sweetman and I could do something we’ve been putting off for seven long years. And, of course, so that we could have a couple of nights to be Missindeedy & Sweetman and not just “Mama and Daddy”.

I’m a firm believer in those kinds of weekends for parents.  And, I don’t know about you, but ours aren’t easy to come by, with inlaws an hour and a half away and the others 1,000 miles away.  So, when they’re offered, we are giddy and go to great lengths to make the most of it.

We used this precious alone time to empty out a much neglected albatross of a storage unit.  I can’t even.  And then? Well, then we went and had this to celebrate the thing finally being done:


That’s a win-win.

Dontcha think?

P.S.  I also appreciate none of y’all calling me out on the bust of an idea with the Thankfuls every Saturday.  I have learned two things out of this. 1) Saturdays are usually a tough time for me to get a regular blog post out. And 2) I’m not good at manufacturing ideas just because I am supposed to (even if it was a self-imposed supposed to!).  If that doesn’t make one whit of sense to you, no worries.  If it does, though, thank you understanding and rolling with it.

2 thoughts on “Winners’ Gonna Win

  1. Love that you tagged this post “storage unit”. Too funny. Glad it is cleaned out and you and Sweetman had some time together. It is SO good to have that time together alone.

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