A Matter of Emergency

Last night, my evening ended like this: (and I quote)

Me – “Why are there Panko Breadcrumbs on the grocery list? There are still some in the pantry.”

Sweetman – “Yeah, but they expired last month.”

Me – “Okay, so you threw them out then?”

Sweetman – “No. I kept them in case we have an emergency.”

Y’all! WHY?

What, what emergency could we possibly have that would justify keeping expired bread crumbs?  A science experiment emergency?  A cooking emergency?  A facial exfoliating emergency? (Now, that one, I could get behind.)

I just looked at him and replied, “That hurts my head. I’m going to bed. I think I still love you anyway.”

And I’m telling you, as sure as shootin’, as I headed up the stairs, he asked “You’re still going to buy new ones, though, right? And don’t throw out the old ones until we have the new ones in the house.”

Oh. Yes. He. Did.

Emergency indeed.

If you need me, I’ll be at the grocery store. Because, breadcrumbs.

I might be buying an extra bottle of wine, while I’m at it.

15 thoughts on “A Matter of Emergency

    • I always tell my kids that it’s a miracle they didn’t die from food poisoning in childhood. We lived in the woods with no electricity — didn’t refrigerate the eggs, didn’t decontaminate the wood chopping block (or knives) after cutting up raw chicken, drank water directly from the spring, scraped the mold off cheese… Oh, the stories I could tell. 🙂

  1. Missy you crack me up! We have finally moved everything to the new house. This included a box of tea bags – out of date somewhere in 2010! We drink more coffee these days I guess. Add too that some of the jars of flour, who knows! So every time I bake something I buy fresh flour! Aren’t pano crumbs dried? If so they are probably ok to use as long as there are no weevils in them!

    • Yay, you are moved! What, and I am afraid of the answer here, are weevils? I shall go ask Mr. Google. And cower… P.S. are we gonna see you this year for (in)RL????

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