Kindergarten Art Saga

I feel the need for a follow-up to the whole “Kindergarten Art” saga that has been going on around here lately.

It continues.

Each time I determine to put this whole business behind me, she brings me another piece of art. And I’ve taken to asking first and foremost, “Was this hung anywhere in school this month?”

Because, her art has been getting a lot of airplay, lately.


But, I promise, I am officially over it.

You know why? I’ll tell show you why! Because, Sweetgirl came home with this:


And, seriously?  I’m so elated that the girl remembered that we actually do other things besides the imaginary basketball playing in see-thru dresses, that I couldn’t give two hoots about the “art”. Especially the complete LACK of clothing while catching butterflies.

No, really!

Happy Weekend, friends.  And don’t forget to Spring Forward Saturday night! Yup. Mother Nature may hate New England, but Spring is coming either way!

Can I get an amen?

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Art Saga

  1. Made me laugh.again. I guess you really are “a back to nature girl” – catching butterflies a la nude`!! Come on springtime!

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