Extra Grace Required Here

I’ve been thinking about those Sandpaper People in my life.  You know the ones I mean – those “extra grace required” folks. The ones who take often and need even more often. They rub you the wrong way with just a word. Opinions are spouted. Indignation is their default. It’s their way or the highway.

And you wish, For The Love, that just once,  they’d opt for the highway.

But, as I was thinking on these folks, and asking God for greater patience with them, He showed me something else, entirely. Instead of receiving an extra measure of grace to deal with those people, I received an extra length of rope to hang my pride with.

“Hold your heart up to a mirror, child.”

Oh God! Not me…

He says nothing. But in the quiet moments, conversation after situation after comment rush into my mind. And self-reflection smarts. I’m rubbed raw, in fact, by all of the sandpaper inside my heart. I recognize that I am the one for whom extra grace has been required, lately.

And, my need to get quiet with this Truth right here becomes obvious:


Love is not always convenient.  And love – real love – takes some mighty and serious sacrifice, at times.   This, I know to be true, because it was modeled for me. On a cross. By The Only One who could model it perfectly. In such humility as I cannot even fathom.

The King made low. Willingly.

It’s modeled right in my home, too. By Sweetman. Until I met him, I’d never met a saint, but I hear they were masters of Bearing With Patience.  And I’m here to tell you that patience like that? It wins every time. Because of Love.

Gentleness, too, is modeled by the friends who come alongside my Harsh and soften it. With their encouragement, with their words, and with their very presence. Because of Love.

I’m desperately in need of grace. With each new realization of my own sandpaper moments, my pride comes crashing down. Sometimes, I’m laid low, so very unwillingly.

Because of Love, the extra grace that’s been required around here is given. To overflowing. And I find that it rubs my rough places a bit smoother.

Those who were wishing I’d get on that highway? The good news is that I’m on it!  And the destination is a place with more humility, gentleness, and patience.

Yes indeedy.

15 thoughts on “Extra Grace Required Here

  1. Wow – I feel like a God breeze (I borrowed that from Flylady.net) sent me here today. Visiting from Better Blogs, but this message really hit home for me. I definitely need to work on recognizing how much grace I am given in life by others – and let me tell you – it is a lot! I have started recognizing just how much recently. I hope I can be as generous as others are with me. Thanks for the reminder! I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

    • Thank you so much for the visit! I’m so glad you were encouraged. I love hearing that I’m not alone. And, sister? It’s A LOT over here, too.

  2. Missy, I can so relate. I’ve been thinking about the sandpaper people ( I call them the thorny people) in my life and have realized over and over how thankful I am for grace and that so many extend it to me in my own “thorny-ness”.

    • Thanks for the visit, Zohary. I really like that idea of “thorny people”. Makes my own prickly-ness more real in my mind – which it often needs to be.

    • Not sure if I love that you thought “dang… I need to start over here”, or the fact that you went right where my mind usually does first, too (the “other” guy). ❤

  3. Amen sister… lately I’ve moved up from 220 grit to 60 grit and I also thought it was others… It was me… I’m working on getting my grit back down to something smoother like better than 220.
    I have to stop worrying about others, take care of me…
    Love you sister, thanks for this ; )

    • Seriously? Love that! from 60 grit to 220… didn’t even know there were grits to sandpaper. I am so NOT a DIYer… ❤

  4. Missy so true! I know you are super busy, but would so like to get together for coffee or lunch or something and catch up… Maybe a reunion of our group from last year. We are expecting 5 Alpaca babies this year and would love for you all to come over when the weather is warmer to see them! I am sure the children would love it!

    • Rachael – YES!!! Are you going to be able to attend the (in)RL again this year? It’s at my home again. Just sayin’… Let’s chat – email me at missindeedy{at}yahoo{dot}com and we’ll make arrangements to come see you and your sweet spitting Alpacas! 😉 BIG HUGS to you!

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