My Body Talks

And, at 42, I can assure you that some of the things my body tells me are not kind, people!

But, before we go any further, I have an admission to make.

I now have Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” running through my head. Oh, yes I do.

I blame 1980’s MTV.

And to be completely honest, I don’t even remember what I hopped on to write about in the first place, because of it.

I’m just going to keep typing away until some sort of logical train-of-thought emerges. But, If I lose you, I don’t blame you one bit.

Exercise was probably on my mind.  NO! I got it!!!!  Aches and pains – that’s what I was going to share with you.

Now, if I lose you, I officially only have myself to blame.

I still play on the floor with Sweetgirl.  She’s not six yet, thank-you-very-much! (Although, she’s taken to reminding me almost every night, lately, in a fit of tears and sadness, that soon, and very soon, “I’ll be six and old and not five anymore, Mama.”) Indeed, child.

Anyhoo, back to the floor.  I play on it. With Sweetgirl. And sometimes, I go to get back up, all spritely like, and my back doth protest too much. My knees, also, like to get in on the action with their wise-cracks.

I am awash in 80’s memories, now, because all I can see in my mind is that “HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercial.  Was that for The Clapper? Or The Helper necklace thingy?  What was that for?


Now my mind is protesting.

The point is, I’ve kicked my exercise back up, again. As in, I’m doing it.  And, can I tell you? I. Am. Feeling. It. In all the wrong places. So, it’s probably a darn good thing I’m doing it.

Also, I hear exercise is good for your memory. And, clearly, I need a little help there, too.

I’m just thankful I can still get up off the floor.

But, if I can’t, I’ll clap. Or press a button.

Or, let my body talk while I take a siesta.

5 thoughts on “My Body Talks

  1. Girl, you are preaching to the choir. And now I’m inspired to listen to 80s music and kick my exercise back up again too. But a siesta sure sounds good. Actually a siesta sounds way better!

  2. You know you have lots of aches and pains in the house when your five year old walks around holding his hip saying “my hip hurts, Mom! It hurts so bad!”

  3. You are my best friend ever… I just know it, even if you don’t 🙂
    Yep… 42 has this body in some serious aches & pains… & the memory is loosing while my weight is gaining.. so wrong.
    YES – any time there are flash backs of 80’s – I’m smiling. & I don’t know why I just had images of the Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the Beef?”

  4. Oh, how I fel your pain! I am 10 years older than you and this weekend I was bending over to pick up Ollie and sitting on the ground with him. This morning I am thankful that I have recently lost some weight AND kicked up my exercise because I hurt from this weekend’s activities, but nothing like I have in the past. Mucho thanksgivings this morning for God’s provisions and the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

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