It Had to Be Done

Things look a tad bit different, don’t they?

I do this.  I shake things up when they start getting too comfortable.

It’s a long-standing tradition, actually.  Ask my former teaching colleagues.  They’ll sigh and tell you that I had to switch my classroom around every few months. Just because. Ask poor Sweetman and he’ll tell you that just when I’ve lulled him into a false sense of security about a thing, I’ll up and change my mind.

My spirit has always had a wide ribbon of wanderlust running through it.  It must be the boat Captain in me. I’ve always been able to see a change for the adventure it could be.

There isn’t all that much that I can change around my home without inciting some outrage on the part of Sweetboy.  And Sweetgirl dispenses enough outrage about all sorts of other things, lately.  This is my little corner of the Universe to switch up.

All of that to say… things got comfortable around here. It was time for a change.

I’m into black and white right this minute.  This is not to be taken as a reflection of my thinking, thought, thank-you-very-much.

And, I deeply respect that some folks aren’t quite as down with change as I am.  So, take all of the time you need to absorb it (and hopefully embrace it).

Then, come on back and tell me what you think.

Because, one way or another, it had to be done.

12 thoughts on “It Had to Be Done

  1. Love it, my friend. I just love it! I’m sitting here admiring the change, all the while thinking to myself… this girl and I, she speaks my language, literally. I’m sitting on a blog post of my own contemplating a little change myself. And now I’m feeling inspired by your little corner of the universe. It’s just lovely.

    • Oooh, I was just thinking about you! inRL is coming up here in, oh… 25 days! So wishing you could be here. Is Allume in your future??? (And thank you for the encouragement on the change-up!) ❤

    • Ahhhh, I haven’t been blogging much and I’m feeling a little disconnected around these parts lately. But I’d love nothing more than to finally meet you and Monica and the other amazing folks I’ve “met” here. So, yeah, Allume is in my future for sure!!!

  2. I love change and I love the black and white. “Don’t ever be afraid to change.” One of my favorite quotes from She Speaks 2013.

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