Of Class Mottos and Thankfulness

“Fine is rock. Rock is fine. We are the class of 89′!”

Surely, surely, The Best High School Class Motto in the history of ever.

Am I right?

Twenty-five years ago, this month, I graduated from high school. Moving right along, because you do not need to do the math… I freaked out about this, the other day. That it’s been 25 years.  Not, that you might be doing math.

I should amend that to read that I freaked out for just as long as it took me to remember how relieved I was to be done with all that High School Hierarchy Business.  And, if I’m being honest, I’m just glad I made it out of high school with the shred of self-esteem that I did!

Thank you, God!

It also got me thinking about what a microcosm high school can be.   We think these people, who we are so sure that we know, are going to be These People, forever.  And, of course, at the ripe age of seventeen or eighteen, we know All Things.

Funny thing about people – they can change.

The comforting thing about God is that He doesn’t.

So, although He is indeed the same yesterday, today, and forever, He allows those of us who desire so, to change.  And, be changed.

Thank you, God!

And I, for one, am ever-so-livin’-grateful that He is continually changing me.  That He broke my old mold and continues to create new ones for me. That He loves me enough to not leave me in my old shape. That what I might have been isn’t what I’ll always be.

Again and forever, thank you, God!

For some of us, high school awakened passions that propelled us to pursue dreams.  Others of us are perpetually plagued by the past We continually strive to climb out of the labels we were given, fairly or not, for the rest of our lives. And for some, high school was simply the greatest time, ever!  We struggle to believe there can ever be another time as wonderful as it was.

Where did you fall? Because, as I look back through my Maturity Lens (which does not get enough airtime), I can see now what I couldn’t see then.  I was a bit of all of them.


A person’s past is not always the truth of them.

Thank you, God!

Seeing and experiencing that people can indeed change, reminds me that from dust I came and to dust I’ll go. It’s okay if I wasn’t the Most Popular. It’s okay if I wasn’t the Smartest, Prettiest, Sportiest, or Wittiest.

What I wasn’t doesn’t define what I am.

Thank you, God.

I am thankful for the freedom that is in Jesus who has set me free.

Free to move forward, in grace.



Unlike rocks.

Unlike The Rock.

As I watch friends and family step onto and off of that graduation stage, I have a prayer in my heart. That prayer is that they are able to create a life for themselves beyond the Senior Class Motto or Prom or Graduation ranking.

Because, when it’s all said and done, The Rock is the only one who can ever truly define any of us.

And for that, I am thankful!


4 thoughts on “Of Class Mottos and Thankfulness

  1. Oh man… look at that graduation picture 🙂
    Yep… its funny to see people (on facebook) now compared to high school. People that wouldn’t even talk with me then are sending friend requests… strange. But I know we’ve all changed.
    Glad I made it through… but how I miss the innocence & ease of life then 🙂

  2. Hi Missy! High school is such a transitional time for people, how can we really be the same people as we were when we were 18? I was trying to figure out what I wanted in life, along with where I fit in the larger scope of the class. Hm…maybe my life is the same! LOL!

    I do love your prayer for graduates. That they will find their own way, without paying too much attention to the next guy, or the class motto. We are full of potential, bursting with grace. That’s something we shouldn’t waste.
    Love the photo with Nana!

  3. Oh, my, my, goodness, goodness!!! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!

    My 35th is this year. I planned on going and even joined our reunion Facebook group for a bit. But something happened as I sat awhile and observed the conversations taking place. I was starting to feel anger and shame at who I was 35 years ago. I also didn’t like the direction many of the conversations were going. I quietly deleted myself and changed my plans.

    I am NOT the same person I was 35 years ago. Thank You, Jesus, for that!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Again, my sweet sister from across the computer screen, you have brought wise words to remind me of who I am in Christ!!!

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