No Longer Damaged Goods

They invited me to meet with them after Bible study ended. This group of women,  each one deeply respected and admired for their ability to lead women, were issuing me an invitation to join their team.  Me!

But then, they leveled me with this statement: “We have faith in your ability to lead this ministry.”

And, as I looked around at each pair of wise, mature, and gracious eyes, I realized there was one huge problem.

I didn’t.

My guilt and shame over my past made me feel out of my depth for anything other than participation. I was sure that they needed someone further along in this journey of faith, more mature in their understanding of God’s Word, or at the very least, not scared witless.

So I thought.

In chapter 5 of Limitless Life by Derwin L. Gray, he speaks to the “God who heals damaged people”.

Do you consider yourself damaged goods?


I surely did.

Now, I’m in awe of The God that takes every damaged bit of me and turns me into a “trophy of grace”*.

Jesus wants to make me a trophy of His grace.

He wants to make YOU a trophy of His grace!

He already sees you that way.

If that doesn’t make you want to leap up and fist pump the air with joy and thanksgiving, I’m not sure what could!

Each time I read these Words, waves and waves of grace wash over my dinged and damaged heart:

Romans5_8_MissindeedyLast night, while my thoughts turned dark and shameful, He died for me.

Last month, when I thought ugly thoughts and used harsh words, He died for me.

Last year, as I struggled to stay out of the pit, failing again and again, He died for me.

He died that I might stand on knock-kneed wobbly legs and lead a group of women into a deeper love for His Truth. For four years! He took so very many moments that I thought made me damaged goods and turned them into something useful.  He filled in my dings with His Grace and Truth and Love.

Because, He is Grace and Truth and Love.

Even now, I long to get it right, but so often get it wrong.

But, His love never fails.

It never gives up.

Those skeletons in my closet? He knew.

That shameful behavior?

He knows.

And He’s still right here, loving me anyway.

That is grace.

He is grace!

Admitting that I desperately need that, need Him, in my life?

Well, that takes me from damaged goods to trophy of grace, in one fell swoop!

Yes indeedy.

Textured Ribbon_G7

Today’s post is a contribution to the blog hop over at Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study of Limitless Life by Derwin L. Gray. Click the button below to join the conversation.

OBSBlogHop*The phrase “trophy of grace” was created by Derwin L. Gray, author of Limitless Life.

21 thoughts on “No Longer Damaged Goods

  1. So beautifully written, so beautifully encouraging, so beautifully is one made to feel after reading it. Thank you…you are blessed with words that speak life and you are in the perfect place of leadership. God given, a God anointed duty that you. fulfill beautifully…there is no other words that are more apt for me to describe it…hence beautifully repeated umpteen times. Bless you and may His favor be on you always! Grace covered…awesome to be under it….damaged and all 🙂

  2. I love this, Missy! How awesome and excited for you to not only be shown what others see in you but for you to be given a rare glimpse of the redemption the Lord has worked in (and through) your life!

  3. Wow Missy here I sit at the car dealership and I want to jump up and wave my hands with joy and thanksgiving. As I was reading through it was me saying some of those things. He did die for me and I forget that when I start having those little pitty parties. Thanks for reminding me. Love you. Debbie W. (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team)

  4. “My guilt and shame over my past made me feel out of my depth for anything other than participation. I was sure that they needed someone further along in this journey of faith, more mature in their understanding of God’s Word, or at the very least, not scared witless.” Ohhh, how I soooo understand this!! But, that’s the beauty of our Savior…He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!! And you my friend and sister in Christ have been equipped!! I love reading your stories, they are so relate-able and down to earth. Fist pump, jump, jump!! Love it!! Hugs to you Missy 😀

    • Hugs back atcha Trish! You know you are such a ray of sunshine, don’t you? I needed that reminder, today, that He will equip those He calls. Oh, yes I did!

  5. Missy – Your words speak life to me…I can feel how much You Love our Savior. Keep on blogging my friend! So glad we will meet face to face someday in Glory…yes indeedy!!

  6. AMEN! So grateful that he loves me anyway….it’s such a beautiful thing….this thing called grace….I’m so undeserving, & yet- he loves me anyway!

  7. Elise, that confidence is not easily come by, is it. But, I’m so glad that you are fist pumping the air, too. That our God would shine us up and make us trophies of Grace to accomplish His will here on earth? Oh…. amazing!!!

  8. Oh Missy, how eloquently you put every word I could never say. You brought me to tears…of love. Not my love, but His…for us.

  9. Every single time I visit here, I leave refreshed, encouraged, and smiling! Today is no different. You are a beautiful writer and your heart oozes through your words, making it even better. This week’s message and scriptures breathe life and hope into all who choose to listen. I’m listening. And I’m joining you with “a leap up and a fist pump in the air with joy and thanksgiving!” Love, Shelly

    • As Shelly, thank you, friend! This week was truly a breath of fresh air into our sometimes stale living. I love it when we are able to fist pump the air together with the joy of being His!

  10. Yes, this DOES want me to leap up snd fist pump the sir with joy anfpd thanksgiving!! Wooooooo hooooo!!

    Whenever those ugly thoughts and dusty ‘ole skeletons rear their ugly heads, you say — no, you SHOUT: “GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!” He loves for us to dwell on our past failures so that we’re ineffective for Christ.

    “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 (NLT)

    • I will. I WILL! That verse is the a stark reminder of what we are constantly up against – and I so appreciate your sweet friendship, Pat. You teach me new ways to live victoriously All The Time!

  11. Missy this was wonderful–I felt like it had been written by me! I’ve felt that same way and still do at times. Praise God for His amazing truths and love!!

  12. Indeedy, Indeed ! Your post did just make me want to jump up for Joy ! Thank you for sharing … I too tend to doubt my abilities to carry out what ever God has planned for me … but, your gave me encouragement that when a door does open up for me to accomplish God’s Will – I will be Confident ! and Jump for Joy ! 🙂

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