Right of Passage

When I wrote about my faith taking flight on the wheels of the big yellow bus last August, I didn’t intend for it to zoom off to the last day of Kindergarten. At the speed of light.

On a scale of one to Stepping On a Lego, I do believe my heart would say, “That Lego’s been crushed!”

Because, this morning, I watched this bouncy-haired, chatterbox, ball-of-cute walk across the stage and accept her Kindergarten Certificate.



I cannot even.

The joy and the sorrow of watching her traipse across that stage…

Sitting in the auditorium, sweating like it was summer in hades, I wasn’t worried about my difficult hair, that was now giving the Lion King a run for his money.  I wasn’t concerned that rivers, forget rivulets, of sweat were drenching my body.

No. All I could think was, “Didn’t she just shoot out into the world?”

Didn’t she?

Seriously? If this is how it went down for Kindergarten Graduation, can you even imagine High School Graduation?

They’ll have to sedate me.

Sweetman jokes about us needing some Thorazine darts for the kids.  Forget that! I’m gonna need ME one of those right now!

And tomorrow?

Oh, sheesh! Tomorrow, I believe that I may just lose my marbles all-together!

We have our Fourth Grade Clap-out in the morning. That glorious moment, the last day of school, when all of the 4th graders wind their way through student and parent-lined hallways to thunderous applause. They then get directly on the buses and head to the Intermediate School, where they meet their teacher and fellow homeroom students for next year. I’m not sure if other schools across this great nation provide this sort of torturous Right of Passage, but ours does.

LORD, be near!

And, lucky me, I have a Kindergartener AND a Fourth Grader this year!



If you need me, I’ll be over in the corner with dark chocolate smeared across my face and my eyes glazed over from the Beachfront Bargain Hunt marathon I’ve been watching.

Also, with a child stapled underneath each arm.

Because, I’m all done with this “sending them off” business…

Yes indeedy!

12 thoughts on “Right of Passage

  1. oh, my, Missy…you and your kids have had a lot of transitions…wow, they start intermediate in 5th grade…they do grow up so fast…praying you have a nice slow summer to enjoy them 🙂

  2. Elemantary school graduation last Friday was not for the thin-skinned, either. Hello Jr. High School. This comes with my son’s (and his friends) voices turning so deep I think there are strange men in my house when they play together. The same boys who giggled sweetly at 4 years old now guffaw!

  3. I know the feeling! My oldest is headed to middle school next year & well- I’d just like to know WHERE DID THE TIME GO???? It seems like yesterday I was kissing his sweet little cheek as I sent him off to kindergarten… “sending them off” is hard on a mama who isn’t quite ready to let go! Sigh…..

    • That’s exactly what I asked Sweetman! Where did that time go???? So good to know there are lots of us who feel the same.

  4. Oh sweet friend – just wait until you dance with your son at his wedding and it seems like the next day you are watching your husband walk your daughter down the aisle as he gives her hand over to her husband! Enjoy each day because they do fly by. The good news? The give you beautiful grandkids!

    • Ah, Phyllis, you encourage me so! I like that you give me something to look forward to. Although, admittedly, I think I’d rather keep my children tucked under my wing than ever consider letting them get married. For now, anyway … 😉

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