Summer Lovin’


Pretty soon…

I have a puppy named Roscoe P. Coltrain to hug.

There’s a nephew with x’s all over his face to mark the spot where my kisses will go.

There’s a Nana to shop with.

And, an Ahab to walk the beach with and talk to.

A brother to hug.

A sister-in-law to love.

Childhood friends to visit.

Sand to wiggle my toes in and sunrises to peek at.

Books are waiting to be devoured.

Oh. The. Books!

A lighthouse to ride over to.

There are snorkels calling our names.

Fins are flipping in anticipation.

Jetties are waiting to be hopped over and fished on.

Manatees are waiting to be spied.

I hear that even the Puffer fish are holding their breath for our arrival.

Summer lovin’ starts super soon around here!

What are your plans for the summer? And more importantly, what are you reading this summer?

4 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. It sounds optimistic…
    I’m sending my daughter (15) home to Idaho to spend the summer with family. (bittersweet). I’m heading to Chicago for a week with my husband (part business, part fun) and then lots of work. Maybe we’ll squeeze one more getaway in before she’s home. Reading wise, Right now I’m needing some GOOD summer book suggestions because I’m in a lull…

  2. We are leaving for the beach in a Ocean a City, Md. Can’t wait to eat crabs, dig mt toes in the sand and hopefully read good books. There will be daughters, Grandchildren& husbands, in a very small place. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time! Hope we can all hang in there! I jûst finished reading Kisses for Kateie, which left a profound impact on me. It’s about a girl who Graduates from high school and wants to go to Uganda instead of College, where her parents want her to go. It is such an amazing story how God can just fill you to the brim with love for children that are hungry, and have no family and don’t know what love is. It is a story about how a God can use you in the most amazing way, when you let Him!

  3. So our biggest most exciting plan this summer is to buy a house! In Oregon! Because we’re going to be living there soon and three kids and two dogs in a 25 foot trailer is not ideal. And I am currently reading a Paula Byrne book about Jane Austen. She’s the lady who wrote the book that the movie “Belle” was based on–Paula, not Jane. It’s non-fiction and fabulous–not quite biography, more like research. Fascinating stuff if you’re an Austen fan, which I am.

  4. Love summer!!! I am reading – Moment Maker by Carlos Wittaker. FInding Spiritual Whitespace. Loving them. And no big plans for the summer just enjoying it.

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