In Knots

Sweetboy came downstairs, this morning, dressed in shorts that used to fit.

I sighed.

Do you ever sigh when your children present themselves in clothes that clearly don’t fit anymore?

My sigh, however, was because Sweetboy’s shorts were falling down. This means that he’s lost more weight.  Neither of which are good.

He has also, I should point out, shot up approximately 87 inches, and is getting dangerously close to my height.  That might have something to do with it, too.

I’m in denial there, though.

It’s a wonderfully lazy river to drift down. You should try it sometime.

Back to the shorts problem. It’s one we’ve encountered before.  It did not end well. You can read about how I used a social story to help The Child understand the importance of well-fitting shorts, here.

Clearly, that social story did it’s job pretty darn well! And I know that because, this morning, Sweetboy informed me that his shorts were “about the fall down and that’s not good, mama!”

A to the men!

We were standing in front of the wide open front door doing final preparations before a sweet friend’s mother came to pick him up for camp.  (Carpooling is a wonderful invention in these here modern times, is it not?) He proceeded to strip those shorts right on off, so I could “get the knot out, please?”

Doesn’t everyone strip down in front of a wide open front door?


I’ll tell you, though, that was some knot in those shorts! I could not, for the life of me, get it out in the two minutes I had before the poor unsuspecting parent showed up.  But, I knew I could get that knot out, with the right tools and about five extra minutes.

Minutes that, unfortunately, I didn’t have at the moment.

So, we swapped out the ill-fitting shorts for ones that stayed up. I’m happy to report that he was fully dressed when the carpooling parent arrived. I scooted him out the door before anyone was the wiser.

I read, recently, how the strengths and skills God gives each of us are ones that simply cannot lay dormant for long.  They somehow work and weave their way throughout our living.

Positivity does that, for me.

What does that, for you?

My stomach had been in knots for the past couple of weeks, as I anxiously awaited this week of camp for Sweetboy.  It’s all day.  I won’t be there. Who are these parents that choose to give their week to volunteering from 8 – 5 with boys. In the woods. (It turns out, they are pretty amazing parents!)

And yet, through it all, I was able to find some silver lining, somewhere, at the conclusion of each set of worries.

Thinking positively has gotten me through some rough periods.

I know it’s not for everyone.

Being called Tigger, and Susie Sunshine, and PollyAnna, and all those names, taught me that. Tone does much telling, doesn’t it?

But, I do know that even in the knotted up moments of life, I can yank on that positivity to unravel the worry.

Because I also know that God’s got each worry I have and doesn’t take a single one lightly.

And, I especially know that the knots will come out.


Oh, yes indeedy!


7 thoughts on “In Knots

  1. Oh, girl! I have missed my regular visits over here to get my “Missy fix” and “giggles” on. Guess I’ve hibernated way too long. So don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here catching up on 5 months of reading… 🙂 And, this, by the way, was another amazing gem of your insightful words. LOVE that verse. And love, love, LOVE how you wrap your sweet family all up in the sweetest of all truths. This was great, my friend – knots and worries and silver linings and all. Just great!

  2. Missy,
    I was happy your Sweetboy had a pair of shorts on before the carpooling parent came….you made me chuckle as I read ….and on the Clifton Strong Test…Positivity is one of 34 strengths and I would guess it is one of your top 5….I really wish I had that strength….Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

    • I’ve never heard of that test, Dolly. Thank you for sharing that with me. I appreciate the encouragement. And, I’ve no doubt Encouragement is one of your top 3!! ❤

  3. Love it. What I take away is that sometimes we have to accept that the knot needs more time and attention than two minutes. Amen.

    And…I laughed at the stripping at the front door. Because my sweet boy DOESN’T WEAR CHONES.

    • Sometimes, it just does, doesn’t it? I’ve worked over a good knot for an hour before! HA about your sweet boy. Love that.

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