Fifteen Years is Better Than 15 Pounds

This guy right here?


He and I said “I do” fifteen years ago, today.

Oh, yes indeedy!

I might have whispered it, I was so scared witless to be in a dress. With heels. And sequins. Or beadery. Or whatever you call All The Fanciness.

But he heard it.

And I meant it.

And I still do.

Oh Sweetman… you roll with it more than any man should have to.  You bankroll adventures with emotional checks that would bounce in this mental bank.  And you look at me with eyes that are more loving than any I ever could have imagined.

These fifteen years with you have been so much better than the fifteen pounds I’ve also accrued.

Thank you for laughing with me.

And at me.

And for me.

I pray you never grow tired of my antics.

Or my “fawns”. (Bless you, Solomon, for the imagery.)

And I only ask one thing…

Do you wanna do this for about fifty more years?

Because, I do!


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