To Laugh Another Day

Joan Rivers was an icon. And, while there was certainly plenty in her brand of humor that many found offensive, ultimately, she was a pioneer in her field of comedy.  She was also, from all accounts I’ve read so far, an incredibly kind-hearted woman.

And, an Includer.

In an era of Who’s The Biggest Star This Week, this is impressive to me. That Joan Rivers was willing to take unknowns under her wing, mentor those seeking to better their craft, and include the lonely in her circle, is a rare and beautiful thing.

While Joan certainly paved the way for so many comedians and women in her industry, she always seemed to find the funny and elevate it above her own sadness.

I’ve been so focused on my many have-to’s and need-to’s this month, that I’ve not taken near enough time to see the fun. The sad passing of this witty woman reminds me that I need to make the time.

Rest in peace, Joan.  Thank you for giving women comedians a much bigger platform. Thank you for reminding us to find the fun in life. To laugh another day.

And thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

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