Calling All Apples

The dreaded triathlon swim was last weekend.


I survived. No, no, no – better than that! I did pretty darn well, considering I’ve a) Never competed in anything ending in -athlon before, b) become firmly entrenched in the 40+ age range, and c) been sporting a muffin-top to beat all muffin-tops for the better part of a decade.

And, it’s that last one that I feel the need to address.


For all the world to see.

But first… You know how you sometimes think you don’t look half bad? And perhaps you’ve even been working toward some fitness goal and are therefore convinced that you might even be looking pretty good?  And you live in your perfectly crafted delusional world for as long as it takes for someone to snap photographic evidence declaring quite the opposite?



An unfortunate side effect of All The Devil Dogs is, apparently, a spare tire.

Around one’s middle.

This picture below?  I’m putting it out there.  My friend Janet is grinning on my right.  She’s the toad friend who made me swim laps with her every day to prepare.

I’ll “spare” you the bottom half of the picture. Just know that I am now well aware of the effects of all of my Devil Doggery.


Here’s the thing – I’m a textbook apple shape.  I’m talking, circle resting on toothpicks, People! I’ve always been that way. Even when I was at my leanest, I was a more slender kind of apple. Is there such a thing?

Well, I’m calling all my apple friends! If you don’t already know, we have the most dangerous body type, as it relates to obesity and heart disease.  Decreasing our weight as little as 5 pounds can provide amazing health benefits. Working off even 5% of our body fat can extend our life span significantly!

I know this.

And yet, I’ve still managed to run around town ignoring the ever-expanding inner tube around my waist.

No more!

Seeing that picture of my waist, even if it was while marching down to a quarter mile swim, scared me straight.

As in, rectangular.

Yup. I’m aiming to change my shape.

I’m setting some goals and giving myself plenty of time to slowly meet them. I’m going to make some dietary changes (no Devil Dogs will be harmed in this process). I’m going to add in some (some – let’s not get too crazy, now) consistent exercise each week.

And, God-willing, change will take place.

Yes indeedy. I’m going to work on becoming less circle-y and more oval-y. Any other shapes want to join me?

First order of business is to get a food plan going.  What works (or has worked) for you in the past?  Share in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Calling All Apples

  1. I’ve always been told I was a pear. I dunno. I just know I got to get moving if I’m going to get in shape before my fist grand baby arrives in April!

  2. Go you!!! I’ve been back on the fitness and eating healthier plan the last few weeks. I did Weight Watchers a LONG time ago, and it worked. I don’t count points, or even really count calories. I do watch not only what I eat, but how much. No sodas, low sugar, fewer breads, lower caffeine intake. I have a FitBit which helps keep me moving.

  3. I’m always with you lady!!
    So proud of you doing this! What a big event you did!!!!
    I can’t figure out my shape. I’m pretty rectangle with a small dip in the waist.. but not enough to be called a hourglass. I’m my own unique shape… seems about right. 🙂

  4. Love it! & your always authentic take on Life, Friend.
    “Delusional’ . What a prefect word. I’ve heard that word lobbed around-a l-o-t-in resent, I mean recent, times. Accurate or not- it sticks until one looks in the mirror and finds once again firmly entrenched the dark under eye circles, the toneless body and listless Spirit. (and that’s just the First Day of School! 🙂
    Prunable & Deanna & Missy have it right. The life style of whole hearted health, accountabilty with a like minded-balanced accountability partner is when I Live, look & feel my Very ‘God’s Best’. (I’ll Keep ya posted on my own progress.)
    Thanks Missy for always raising the bar in a very doable and God-honoring way. Congratulations too!!! Go Giril!!!

  5. The Daniel Pan – it works! It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle. It’s all about eating fresh. I got rid of sugar, flour, and processed food and feel great! Good luck!!

  6. CONGRATS, my sweet friend!!

    I have lost 24 pounds since January. What has been working for me is going totally sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. I also use a Fitbit and for accountability. My name is monyokks at if you’d like more accountability. ❤

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