Two for the Road

Driving is a source of great pleasure to me.  I know I’m not alone.

Although I much prefer to be. Alone. In my car.

My thoughts can breath. Aspirations and inspirations and exultation’s stop getting all mixed up. Moments of clarity become stretches.

How many times have you had a conversation with a parent of kids under 21 who exclaimed, “And, I got to drive for twenty whole minutes, ALL BY MYSELF!”?  How many times?  Maybe it was you who uttered that very thing just this week?

One of the most precious get-away moments comes as I press play on a song that mama wants to hear. Can I get an amen?

Here are two of my favorites. I’d like to share the music, of course. But, I’d also like to share the why, because I like each one for radically different reasons.

If you’ve never heard the words “amazing” and “grace”, together, about a song, then I ask you, where have you been living for the last 235 years?

There is a version of this song that has undone me more times than I care to count. Amazing Grace, (My Chains Are Gone) was the song I first sang upon realizing the extent of my deep need for True Grace to swoop down and save me. It was later the song that ushered in a realization that addiction was part of my DNA. It is The Song that reminds me, again and again, that my chains are exactly that – mine. I’ve truly been set free.

And Grace reminds me that it doesn’t matter what I chain myself to – or how many times I attempt to chain myself to anything other than the God who made me – He. Will. Find. Me.

And set me free.

While I won’t apologize for my taste in music (it is, after all, thinking in sounds), I will say that some things just appeal to my inner need for a beat.  When I first heard “Letting Go”, by Bethel Music, I was on the verge of making some rotten decisions.  The moment the words “you’ve brought me to the end of myself”, I knew.

I knew that Grace would meet me there. At the end of myself.

And He did.

And does.

What tunes go on the road with you? Share please!


This post is day 2 of the #write31days over at The Nester’s website.

11 thoughts on “Two for the Road

  1. OMGoodness, I was there just minding my own business reading your wonderful story, and then bam…”I knew that Grace would meet me there. At the end of myself.” etc…and this girl sitting at works starts to cry. What?!! He sure does meet us there and I always have to wonder why I come to that point kicking and screaming. Thanks for your words and thanks for the songs!! Love to worship when I drive…just sometimes gotta remember to keep my eyes on the road. haha

  2. I rarely get to listen to what I want to in the car, with teens and all. I long for a road trip where I can worship my little heart out!

  3. Beautiful!! I took a road trip by myself a couple of weeks ago. There is nothing like 6 hours in the car alone to listen to what you want to listen to, and get that thinking time, as well as sing along as loudly as you wish.

  4. I LOVE road trip worship!!! I have a range of worship CDs in the car ~ one day I’ll have one of those fancy cars that you can plug your iPhone into!! Hillsong, Laura Story, Kari Jobe, and Elevation Worship are in the mix right now 🙂

    • Those are some wonderful artists to have in the mix, friend. And, I don’t have a fancy car either – I have to be careful not to blow the speakers right on outta my little iphone! 😉

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