It’s O Dark Thirty at Day Nine

Sometimes, I need to write blind.

With no sense of what needs to be said, other than the wisps of thoughts that flutter just beyond my ability to put them to words. It’s in those very moments that I most need to start tapping out words – any words – just to get them moving into some coherent thought.

And grace finds me there.

Every time.

It softens the harsh.

It brightens the dull.

It illuminates the unseen.

Grace knows what I do not.

And I keep coming back for more, for exactly that reason.

Today, as Sweetman and I await news, I am writing from that place.

It feels a bit like O’ dark thirty as I type out. It doesn’t matter. Today, I’m letting the Spirit intercede for me.

It’s okay, though, because He knows me better than I know myself.


Writing in the dark, it turns out, is only possible by the light of grace. And I’m standing right in It, today.

Yes indeed.


This post is day 9 in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

5 thoughts on “It’s O Dark Thirty at Day Nine

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