It Only Took About Twenty Years

I attended a large blogging conference, a few years back, as a brand new blogger. One of the events that was pre-arranged was a “Birds of a Feather” breakfast. You essentially found the bloggers who you felt like you most identified with. I loved the idea of this. It was fairly easy for me to determine where I thought I fit in.

But, when I arrived at the table and everyone introduced themselves, I found that although we shared a desire to write humor, the ways we went about it were radically different.

I kept looking around and asking myself where My People were? After about twenty years, I’ve figured it out.

How about you? Who are your People? Aside from the ones who share your roof, what types of people make you feel the most comfortable?

I’m curious.

And also, nosy.

It never ceases to intrigue me how certain seeming types of people will feel most comfortable around folks who are nothing like them. I think of my funny friends who feel most comfortable with intellectuals discussing Academia and scholarly things, all the live long day. Or, the Think Tanker who whips out the one-liners faster than I whip out the Devil Dogs.

But, what really boggles my mind is how it took me so long to figure out what so many others realize pretty early on. Or, pretty easily.

When you find your People, you just know it. Some folks like to call it “finding your tribe“. Whatever you call it, when you finally do, you’ll find yourself feeling a sense of confidence that then allows you to float in and out of other groups of People much more freely, too. It’s such a great thing to experience.

And feel.

And know.

Are you already there?

If you aren’t, keep at it. You will make mistakes along the way. But, you will find the people who get you. They will be the ones that sharpen your thought process, lighten your load, and encourage you in all of the most important ways.

Grace allows for lots of wiggle room, here. I promise.

He gave me about twenty years worth.


This post is day 20 in the Write 31 Days challenge.

Click my 31 days of Grace button above to go check out the previous 19 days. If you want. But, you don’t have to. No pressure.

5 thoughts on “It Only Took About Twenty Years

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  2. I have yet to get to any type of blogging conference, after 6 years. Geesh! I think I’ve found my tribe, both in real life and in the social media world. So blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful friends.

    • And look, Barbie, you don’t even need to go to one. You DO have such a beautiful tribe of Barbie loving folks. I learn much from you about staying true to course, my friend.

  3. At the age of 34 it is only in the last year that I found like I’ve found my tribe! I am more guarded as the years go by and I believe the LORD has sharpened my trusting to be more in tune with those that He wants to use to sharpen me! 🙂

    • Guarded is a fascinating choice of word, Sarah! It reminds me of the verse where we are encouraged to guard our hearts, as they are the wellspring… God surely is in the business of encouragement, isn’t He? And, sometimes, I’ve found that He sends people to help me see Him better. I’m so glad that you have found your tribe! ❤

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