5 Lessons I Re-Learned About Parenting While Filming a Video

I made a mini-rap video for a sweet group of friends, recently. I needed tech support. And a back-up dancer. I recruited Sweetgirl for the dancing and Sweetboy as my videographer. Seemed legit.

And, it worked well enough.

Until I messed up.

By the seventh “take”, however, my filter started to slip.

Then, I remembered that I was in front of little ears. I was reminded that even the tamest of DADGUMMIT’s could be imitated in all the wrong ways.

When the “filming” wrapped up (after Take 14, by the way), I had re-learned a few precious parenting lessons.

1. Whatever dance moves you are attempting, whether poorly or worse-than-poorly, the six-year-old will emulate.Β  This is not the time to attempt those fly moves (do people say that anymore?) from J. Lo’s latest music video. And for goodness’ sake, it’s not all about that base!

2. Your reaction to a flub up will be on video. The person filming you will be watching intently as he films you. Therefore, he may start stomping around and screaming “DARNIT DARNIT DARNIT” the next time he makes a mistake. You will think he looks ridiculous, and start to tell him so. Until you remember where he got it.

3. The backup dancer is closest to the under-the-breath mutterings. She will hear them. She will ask questions. Questions you didn’t intend to have to answer for your six-year-old.

4. Making up your own words to a song like, say… Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” is all fun and games. Until one child, or both, asks if they can see “the real song” on The YouTube. That’s a whole lot of behinds. And bad hair. And explaining. They get enough of All The Real with media pushing pictures of champagne corks popping and backsides. You will regret choosing that song. You may also end frantically looking up pictures of puppies, instead, with promises to talk to daddy about getting one. To divert their attention, of course. Possibly.


5. Your videographer and back-up dancer will have enjoyed the experience so much, that they will ask you to show them other rap songs that they can change the words to and make videos of themselves singing. You will realize the scarcity of appropriate songs. You will rue the day.

Oh, yes indeedy.


*A note to The Nana, Ahab, Gammy and Grampy – I did not let them actually see the “real” video. They were far more interested in the adorable French Bulldog puppy video that I was able to switch over to, oh-so-quickly. If we end up with one, I blame myself.

*Also, a note to Sweetman – we may end up with a French Bulldog. I’m sorry.

4 thoughts on “5 Lessons I Re-Learned About Parenting While Filming a Video

  1. Oh I did choose the right night to check-in here dear friend! PERFECT! You know I LOVE your video! This post had me cracking up and then laughing at myself too. I started something new with my clan…we only do 2 takes…period. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. The best part…we do watch the outtakes TOGETHER. They catch mommy’s bad moments and mommy catches theirs…then we celebrate the GRACE that none of them made the final cut!

    But none of our music videos will ever touch yours…baby πŸ™‚

  2. hahahaha…this was awesome!! I will never forget the first time my child screamed at traffic. Proud momma moment…not so much. Living life through the eyes of our children….priceless!! I’m with Tanya…I wanna see the video…not the puppy one πŸ˜‰

  3. Ha! Oh goodness. That picture is priceless. But I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get to see the final mini-rap video. Perhaps, if I beg and plead, it’ll surface on your next post. Please? Maybe? Maybe… πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh the perils of parenting. You never really pay attention to a lot of things until you are seeing them through the eyes of your children, then – oy vey!

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