Why The Little Drummer Boy Still Rocks

Sweetman came home, the other day, with a boxed set of “Christmas Classics” DVDs. We only wanted Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeeryou see; but, we missed the buying boat for just that one. Everyone else had already been there and bought that.

Because Sweetman is brilliant (and really, because he knew coming home without the movie in-hand would cause a mutiny), he bought the boxed set. All for the low-but-actually-not-so-low price of 2 Many Dollars. It includes Rudolph, of course, and Frosty the Snowman, and The Little Drummer Boy, and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, and a couple of other “original” classic Christmas movies.

Except, I don’t remember some of these movies as being classics.

In fact, two of the movies included are Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol and Cricket on the Hearth. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure I would have remembered a “classic” about a young woman going blind from shock, and a crow sent out to murder a sweet little talking cricket, and Brandon Thomas’ toothy grin as he narrates it all. Oh, I especially would have remembered that. That’s the stuff of nightmares, folks. Oh, yes it is! No matter how delightfully Mr. Thomas croons about the birth of The Savior.

Anyhoo, one of the movies that I had plumb forgotten about, was The Little Drummer Boy. We snuggled in and began watching. Five minutes into it, though, I considered the choice a mistake.

WHY did they kill his parents, Mama?” Followed by, “But WHY does the little boy not have people who love him?”

And then, the tears!

I’ll be honest, I wanted to have a stern word with the folks who thought this kind of story line was a good one for children. Until, of course, I realized I’d likely be yelling at a bunch of dear elderly persons in a nursing home.

Sweetboy interrupted my imaginings by innocently asking why the little drummer boy wanted to be alone with the animals and why he hated people?

And, I realized with a start that I had one of those rare golden parenting opportunities. We, parents, only get this kind of opportunity every-so-often. I wasn’t about to let this one go by with a shoulder-shrug.

We pressed pause.

As two expectant pairs of eyes stared at me, I realized how many directions I could go with this conversation. Anger is an emotion all humans experience. Death is an experience all humans will eventually meet with. And, hatred is something none of us ever wish to encounter, but far too often do.

Where to start? How far to go? What words are appropriate for a six and eleven-year-old?

The words I chose were the ones that were the simplest. And the most truthful. I asked them if anyone had ever hurt their feelings. When each said yes, I asked them how it made them feel. One said sad, the other said angry.

Ah, yes. Emotions that we all feel.

We talked through some of the ways people respond to others when they are angry. Or hurt. Or sad. Because, really, sometimes they’re all bumping up against each other. Right?

I asked them why they thought Jesus came to earth as a baby. That was a tricky one for Sweetgirl. But Sweetboy? He nailed it. “So we could be in God’s family.”

Oh, child… YES!


The Truth. It’s the best place to start and the best place to end.


They both got antsy, after that, and asked me to press play. We watched on as, in the end, that little drummer boy was able to give away his most prized possession out of love. Love that was placed in his heart, and is placed in ours, for the purpose of overcoming the anger and the hurt and the sadness.

Thank you Jesus!

What grace!

It turns out, The Little Drummer Boy still rocks! He may be stilted in his movements, but the heart behind his story beats strong among us all.

Oh, how it does!

Yes indeedy.

6 thoughts on “Why The Little Drummer Boy Still Rocks

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  2. Wow. Just wow. First of all, 2 Many Dollars? LOL and well worth every penny! Just goes to show ya, when you think you know exactly what you want [Rudolf], God sometimes gives you that [Rudolf] and then some. What a sweet blessing this turned out to be for your family. I’m sure glad yelling at a bunch of dear elderly persons in a nursing home wasn’t necessary after all… although that would’ve made for a fun follow-up post. 😉 Have a blessed Christmas, my friend!

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  4. Ok, so Drummer Boy is my favorite song (as you will see Tuesday, lol) because it just rocks my heart that this child with nothing is welcomed. And then Aaron, with his anger and hatred, is welcomed. And transformed. It reminds me of all the students I taught who were just a little left of
    “expected”–who acted when dad wanted them to play football, or drew when mama wanted them to go to law school, or played drums which everyone thought was a giant waste of time. They too build up walls of anger around their God-given talents, and hide them, which is CRAZY. But then there are moments, such sweet moments, when they trust and they show you what they can do and it’s beautiful and it’s enough. I used to just pray that someday, the Baby would smile at them and they would know it too.

    Now, it will blow my mind if you know “Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey”.

    • Jenn!!!! “Nestor’s heart was broken and his eyes were full of tears!!!” LOVED THAT!! It’s the story of us all, isn’t it? Rudolph, Nestor, the misfit toys, every one of us who is broken and unwanted and cast out. And then, The Baby smiles at us and BAM! We know we are loved. As is. Man, you brought back a torrent of memories. ❤

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