Is This Thing On?

Tap, tap, tap…

You might want to hold on to something for support, folks. Because, hello! I’m here. Again. Like, TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

I could blather on about how I made hard-hitting resolutions to cut out All The Things that don’t draw me nearer to the heart of The One who calls me His. But, you’ve heard that same old song and dance a bunch of times before.

From me, alone!

How about I tell you that in my determination to do more of what brings me joy and less of what pulls me away from the heart of God, guess what quickly worked it’s way up the list?

Ta-da! Writing.

And, more importantly, engaging with you. Here.

I’ve struggled, this last year, with figuring out what I was supposed to be writing about. What might be going on with all of you, I wondered? What conversation or thoughts would add value to your already busy lives? What was important enough to take time out of my already jam-packed days, to write about?

Each of these thoughts swirled in a whirling dervish when I set my keester down in front of the keyboard. So. Much. Swirling!

It left me dizzy. I’d gasp for air and grasp for dark chocolate.

So, I gave it up there, for a while. Some of you reached out to make sure I was still breathing. Or, at the very least, still consuming devil dogs.

And, you know what? It did me good. (NOT the devil dogs!) I needed the time to live a little life and experience a little strife and come out on the other side bent but not broken.

And, ready to share all about the mishaps (oh, a’plenty indeed) and grace (beyond galore, if you must know).

As I sit typing out these words, I feel emboldened to forget about what I should write; what hopes The Nana might have for me , the three action items my Writing Coach laid out for me, or even the hope harbored in my own little heart.


I’m yearning to write just to get some of these lessons and laughs out.

And, I want to hear, too. I miss you guys. I miss our back and forth. I miss hearing what’s going on with YOU on your blogs and pages. Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing what some of you are up to on Twitter or Instagram.

So, here’s to a new year filled with new words and laughs.



I’ll leave you with this little pic of Sweetgirl silently “reading” while I write. (Loosely translated, that means “whispering loudly every word”. In second grader speak, apparently.)


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