Magnificently Defeated

Forget about elections for a minute.

Today, I want to tell you about that time I was magnificently defeated by a little 144 page book by Frederick Buechner.


Every ounce of my best reasoning collided with truth and a desperate faith in a beautiful reading of The Magnificent Defeat.

And my Identity was confirmed.

With this…

“If we are to believe he is really alive with all that that implies, then we have to believe without proof. And of course that is the only way it could be. If it could be somehow proved, then we would have no choice but to believe. We would lose our freedom not to believe. And in the very moment that we lost that freedom, we would cease to be human beings. Our love of God would have been forced upon us, and love that is forced is of course not love at all. Love must be freely given. Love must live in the freedom not to love; it must take risks.”

Oh God! Help my unbelief.

It is the prayer in my heart more often than not.

I know Love because Love lived in my freedom to not love.

To not believe.

And He didn’t force.

With the reading of this book, my heart cried out to Love and He answered.

Oh, He did indeed!

Psst… are you not sure? You are free to love. Or not. But Love is always waiting for you. Read for yourself.


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