Why I’m Not Participating in 31 Days Of…

There are many, so very many, talented and gifted writers taking part in The Nesters 31 Days Blog Link Up.  And you may be one of them (I’m honored that you are reading here!).

I, however, will not be.  Not this year. And maybe, not ever. 

I have a problem, you see.  It’s called, “I Want To Read Them All-itis”.  It’s a well-documented disease.  I promise. Would I lie to you?

What is not so well documented, is how many ways of Sunday you can get wonderfully lost in the sea of this series. Just reading through the name of some of the topic links that are already up over there… Oh My Stars! I am stinkin’ excited to read along with these beautiful writers, artists, thinkers, and creators!

And so, you’ll find me over here – and happily – reading along with a few of my favorites. (Inspiration & Faith and Writing, Blogging, & Internet Stuff are my top two topics.). I’m on the hunt for some new ideas and I’ve no doubt that I’ll be able to find them at The Nester’s link up.  I’m sure I’ll be highlighting them along the way throughout this month, too.

But, for now, I’m just going sit back and marinate in all of the creative juices poured forth from the brave and willing participants.

And it’s gonna be goooooood!

Have you checked out the topic choices that are already up?  What’s one of your favorite topic ideas?