Rainbows and Unicorns and Allume


My heart took flight throughout my time at the Allume conference, last week. In addition to chasing rainbows across the hotel lobby, I cemented friendships with some women who I knew my heart was connected to long before meeting in person.

I learned that I have a place within the legion of writers out there in the blogosphere. My need to stay up until midnight pouring my heart out until it finally feels right? I learned that’s totally normal.  Sitting on suitcases and praying for them to suddenly zip? Also? Totally normal. 

That Five Minute Friday community of writers that bravely hit the timer each week? I met many of them in person.  They. Are. Gorgeous.

That (in)courage group of women that I am so deeply encouraged by?  They are real flesh-and-blood women, with a desire to make each heart feel like they have a home in community.  They. Radiate. Love.

I found My People, y’all.

They are brave and smart and funny and kind.  They care and connect and crave community.


I heard a similar message, meant just for me, throughout each Keynote Speech, Session, and Sitting.

And a couple of very distinct words were emblazoned on my heart.

Confirmation.  Carrying a message wrapped in funny is my gifting.

Creativity. We are art because we were made by An Artist.

Doors. Walking through the ones that are open will bring you one step closer.

Salt. Be it. Make sure you bring it to the table every time.

Second. Playing Second Fiddle can be a thing of beauty.

Unicorns. They are more beautiful in person.

Validation. We are ALL stars – and each one of us in the blogosphere is needed to make the others shine that much more brightly.

This conference provided more encouragement for my heart than I could possibly have hoped for.  I was loved on, prayed over, and pushed ahead by some incredible women.

And I can’t wait to do it all again in 2014!

Yes indeedy.

A Status Report

One day!

I leave for Allume in ONE DAY!

Have I packed?


Have I bought a box of devil dogs for the journey.  I surely have!

And that’s really all I have to report on that.  Hopefully, by the time This Rockin’ Mama gets her keester over here to spend the night, I’ll be packed.  Since we, you know, fly out at six. in. the. morning.  For those of you keeping score, that’s One Early Morning Rise!

Lord, be near! (Especially to my alarm clock, Lord. Imma gonna need ya.)

I wanted to update you on the Kids Agenda I wrote about the other day. Sweetman decided the notes weren’t enough. Tonight he presented me with a whole new kind of Special.

I give you… this:


The fun never ends around here.






At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that you all realize the importance of prayer to the success of this launch. Right?

Thank you.

With Chips and Salsa

Dear Katie,

In less than 7 weeks, I’m heading to South Carolina for the Allume Conference. With you.

And, in keeping with God’s deep and abiding love for me, He is allowing me to room with you. We may not have met face-to-face yet, but we know each other’s hearts.  And you get me. I’m deeply indebted to Dayspring’s (in)courage group for special needs mammas for making us fast friends. Time zones ain’t got nothin’ on us, girlfriend!

At Logan’s prompting, Katie, you graciously shared with me some things you thought I might oughta know before we take our relationship to the next level.  Thank you.  Bless you.  We share numbers 1, 2, 5, and 7 in common; so, it’s gonna be okay.

And… we’ll have chips and salsa.

With that said…

Sweetman insists that anyone who doesn’t live with me on a daily basis might be traumatized by All Of Me, all at once. In the spirit of good will (and knowing it’s too late for you to try to get out of rooming with me) I shall tell you some things, Sweet Katie. These things might just make our days together, in our cozy hotel room, slightly less harrowing.

I hope.

But, it’s gonna be okay.  Because, we’ll have chips and salsa.

Your #1 – the snoring thing? My Sweetman insists my snore is “delightful” and “cute”.  My children, on the other hand, insist it’s more on the order of The Bear Snores On. You, dear roommate, get to be the deciding vote! (And I come bearing brand new earplugs. For you. In case.)

You should probably say a quick prayer of thanks that we do not need to share a bed.  I am rarely still through the night. Sweetman likes to joke that the King sized bed in our bedroom is mainly mine.  He gets a 2 foot wide strip and a bungee cord.  Thank you Lord. And Amen.

Also, you should note that if you are looking for food items (above and beyond our beloved chips and salsa) that are of any nutritional value what-so-ever, you will not find them on my person.  You may, however, find a Twinkie. Or a Swiss Cake Roll.  Or both. Times three. I know you are trying to be good and gluten-free and such.  I will hide them if you wish. Or share.

Packing thrills me.  I wish I could lie and say what a nightmare it will be deciding what clothes to wear and shoes to bring and necklaces to lay out.  Sorry. The plotting and the planning? It’s in my blood. I will have my outfits paired up well ahead of time, with their chosen accessories.  I will hang them, with ever so much care, in our hotel closet as soon as I arrive. And then… I WILL FREAK OUT LIKE A MANIAC that I have brought ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

It’ll be okay.  We’ll have some chips and salsa.

I’m a total extrovert (I think you were already aware).  But, you may not know that I am an extrovert who needs naps to escape all the extroverting.  Don’t you worry, though, my sweet sidekick. I’ll send out the bat signal so that you can either join me or commit social crimes solo for a while.

I’m a Note Taking Nerdette; and I’m pretty proud of it.  I may not remember a dad-gum thing anyone said the entire day – but by George! I’ll have written it down. Somewhere…

We can go over all of those notes while we nosh on the never-ending chips and salsa. While in our jammies.  At bedtime.  That’s 8:00 p.m. sharp! And, while the jammies are indeed required, the flossing is entirely optional (because I don’t floss either).

Now, get on those tickets, kid.  I am NOT writing another one of these open letters.  I barely made it through this one. But I know it’ll all be better than okay.  I’m gonna hang with you. And I couldn’t be more excited!

With Chips and Salsa,