It’s time to write again.

Because, quite frankly, there’s nothing else to do.

The two extroverts in the house are dying a slow death. The two introverts are thriving. It seems as though there should be a perfect balance to the family dynamic with that two plus two combination. There isn’t.

I’ve cleaned every surface that can possibly be cleaned. I’ve cleaned out almost every closet and shelf that exists in this house. Discipline has been enforced and promised for the minor squabbles that keep breaking out amidst all the Stir Crazy that is setting in within these four walls.

Each human is organizing their schedule for the pending remote learning reality we are all facing. Workspaces have been designated. Playlists have been curated. Movie cues have been arranged – by genre. Books are sorted and stacked in the most desired reading order. The pantry has been raided, sufficiently, thank-you-very-much. Exercise DVD’s are standing at the ready from all said raiding.

A 2,000 piece puzzle is currently spread out over the expanse of the dining room table. Every family member takes a stab at it at some point in the course of the day. Sometimes, we even sit and tackle it together.

Riveting information, I know.

Spotify has introduced me to more new music genres than I ever cared to know exist. Did you know that in addition to House music, there is also Tech house, Deep house, Tropical house and heaven-knows-whatever-other kinds of house music?

Netflix, Hulu, and PrimeVideo keep alerting me to shows/movies I might like. I’ve decided they don’t know me quite as well at they think they do.

My Amazon cart reminds me that I still have 48 books that I’ve saved for later, should I blast through the current 35 I have waiting for me on my nightstand. “Three down and 80 left to go,” I’ve taken to telling myself.

My meme game is strong. I’ve been flexing those social media cruising muscles and finding plenty to lift.

This self-imposed period of isolation has introduced more choice into my life than I ever wanted.

Too much, really.

Choice is exhausting.

A blinking cursor seems less overwhelming than deciding which pantry snack I’m going to have to ration today.

These aren’t even real problems, people.

Having no toilet paper, or food for your hungry kids, or job because your place of employment has been closed for the immediate future – those are real problems.

So, maybe I’m more overwhelmed because I’m faced with the realization that what I’m going through mentally doesn’t quite rank up there with Things to Be Worried Over, after all.

Blowing off a little steam on the page, or screen, seems a preferable outlet for my anxiety over this pandemic than another household chore, snack, movie, or book choice (Although, really, are there ever enough books to be read? Correct answer – no.)?

For now, anyway, the blinking cursor is definitely preferable.

Yes indeedy.





I went online to ask The Google if I could send a gift anonymously from Amazon.  Just prior to that, I had been searching around on the Amazon website for a particular gift for a very specific person.

Lo and behold, when I started typing in “can I send a gift anonymously”, that smart Google knew I wanted to type in “from amazon” before I even typed it!

I’m not gonna lie.  It’s disturbing to think that the varied and creative ways that human beings could compose a question or a thought could be accounted for.  All of them! And, my next thought was “Are we humans that predictable?”.

Before I go all George Orwell on you, let me say that I know that there are humans behind all of the algorithm writing and computer coding going on behind a search engine’s ability to “read our minds”.  And, I happen to be madly in love with one of those kinds of humans.

But still.

I could have worked myself into a lather about this idea, except I remembered that there is still plenty in life that is oh-so-unpredictable.

Take, for instance, the ending to a pivotal college football game this past Saturday.  My beloved Alma Mater, The University of Alabama, lost to Aubu_ _ (we don’t complete that word around these parts) in the final minute – MINUTE – of the game. Heartbreaking.

And…  totally unpredictable.

But, like all things that are unpredictable, you can ROLL with it or you can buck against it.  I choose to ROLL with it.

And pray that at this time next year, if I were to type in say “alabama vs auburn game”, I’d only see this: WIN.

Maybe Sweetman somebody can go ahead and write the computer code for that right now?