A Few Surprises

My husband and I went along for the wild ride that is Back-To-School Night last night.

There were some surprises.

My daughter is shaping up to be a mini-me in more ways than one. She couldn’t stop waving hello to people long enough to actually make her way over to her Kindergarten teacher to greet her.  This, however, was not one of the surprises.

Sweetgirl shared her “All About Me” book with us.  It was filled with sweet little things like her favorite color – pink AND purple.  Also, not a surprise.

What was surprising was what she wants to be when she grows up.


And, just so ya know, she simply must be able to wear a pink hat. Oh, yes indeedy!

Moving along to Sweetboy’s room, we noted that Sweetboy is seated next to a girl.  Also, not a surprise.

He has a crush on this girl.

This was a surprise!

Also, he was directed by the teacher to show us his writing notebook.  In it, he chose to share with us a story that he had shared with her.  You may remember this picture from a few months back?  The one where I asked if he and his sister were near the creek?  And he assured me they weren’t?  Only, they were.  And I was able to snap a picture to prove it?


Yes, well, that caused quite a ruckus back in June.  They were not supposed to be back there.  Little sister was most especially not supposed to be back there.

It turns out, that Sweetboy is shaping up to be somewhat of a writer. He wrote all about it.  Allllll about it.  Really, child? Did you really have to write the exact words I uttered about your punishments?  I’m sure my parenting skills are up for debate in the teacher’s room.  I can only imagine…


Apparently, kids will tell people exactly what you said.


As a sidenote – if Sweetgirl decided to get baptized in a river any time soon, only Jesus, Himself, can lift this ban.  For, she is grounded from the “in the river” for 2 years.  Oh, yes she is!

Brave New Year

Climbing back down from Mount WashMore the other day, I was reflecting on this brave new year we are entering around here, and how everything can turn around with a new perspective.

One can lament that school is starting in 1 day and 15 hours.  Or… one can look forward to making new friends and seeing old ones in only 1 more day and a couple of hours. (And, I don’t think anyone has to guess who’s doing the lamenting, right?)

A bouncy haired child can be insistent that she doesn’t need to stay at school All The Day Long this year. Or… she can joyfully look forward to moving on to “big girl school” with brother.  (Say it with me now, “I NOT going.”)

A mama could cry endless tears of sorrow for the years that have flown by far too quickly as she considers that her baby is going off to Kindergarten Much Too Soon and that her oldest is far too tall.  Or… she can step out on the edge of Trust and praise God for this new season and all that it could bring. (There will be more tears, though. Of that, I am sure!)

And maybe, instead of being the girl who talks a big game about how God is faithful and how He loves her children more than she ever could,  she can become the girl who lives like she believes it.



And maybe she’ll allow her faith to take flight on the wheels of a big yellow bus on Tuesday.

Until then, though, she’s praying.

For strength to wave bravely as the bus heads off and turns the corner.

For the willingness to Cry It Out on a few sweet shoulders.

And for the patience needed to get through the day believing that God’s got this.

And them.

Anyone else???

(Pass the tissues, please.)