Why, Certainly!

One of the best things about growing up as a child of Captain Ahab was our sense of certainty.  We were certain that plans could, indeed, be set in stone.  We were certain that if we sassed back, we’d get it. We were certain that one day a week was reserved for church, yard work, and soup and sandwich (in that order, mind you).  And whenever we dared question whether one of those things were really going to come to pass, he’d reply, “Why, certainly!”.

Captain Ahab and I sometimes butted heads in the worst possible way. I now know that it was because we are so alike.  And I totally empathize now.  I see, in my Sweetgirl, the same characteristics and personality traits that surely made him shake his head in consternation at me.  And I find myself saying the same things to Sweetboy and Sweetgirl that he said to me and my sibling.  I can also see, now, that those things were imparted as certainties so as to instill a sense of certainty to life during uncertain times.  And although some of Captain Ahab’s “certainties” were outdated, to my mind, I can see the “why” behind almost every one of them now. Perspective is funny that way.  Parenthood, too.

And with that, I recently heard myself uttering one of the Captain’s favorite phrases.  Sweetboy had just asked if he absolutely had to take at least three bites of the new food on his plate? To that I said, “Why, certainly!”.  Yes, indeed.