Like Me, Friend Me, Burn Me

No, this is not a manifesto on how to go through an ugly friendship break-up. Yes, it probably is more like an open letter to The Nana. For those who found this post by searching for stories on friendships-gone-wrong, I’m sorry.


I’m hoping that if you haven’t already, you will take the time to “be my friend” on Facebook and “follow me” on Twitter, and all them good thangs.  And… if you haven’t signed up to get my posts sent to you automatically by email, did you know you can? (A word to The Nana – I’m talkin’ to you!  You don’t have to hunt around on that pesky computer-desktop-white-bar thingy and punch in the name of my blog by hand. “Every. Single. Derned. Time!”  Nope, you don’t!)


So, here ya go.  Easy peazy:

Click here to go like my Missindeedy Facebook Page.


Click here to go follow me on Twitter.



And, lastly, because I’m ultra tech-saavy, look to the right of this post.  See all the green boxes with labels like “Recent Posts”, and “Archives”, and things like that?  There’s a box that says “Follow Missindeedy Via Email”.  Click that one.  (Yes, Nana, that one!) Click it and then type in your email address.  Voila`!  You are signed up to get new posts as soon as they come out.  (Yes, Nana, you may attempt a “fist pump thingy”.  You’ve earned it!)  Or, if you are so inclined, click the “Feed Me” green box to do that burny thing with your RSS Feed.  (I totally don’t get that whole process – but hey, some of you do, so kudos to you!)


And if you, Sweet Reader, just did any of those things?  Thank you loads!  (Virtual Fist Bump or High Five to you. Whichevs.)