That Kid Has Some Awfully Funny Ideas

And by funny, I mean ridiculous. As in, “If you don’t knock it off with all of this funny business, there is going to be Big Trouble.”. I do not know what is going on around here with that Sweetboy lately, but shoo-ee!  You’d think a holy horde of hooligans have taken up residence.  But no. It’s just one quirky 9 year ol’ boy.

I give you… Exhibit A:

The defendant’s response was, and I quote, “It looked like the bar at gymnastics. I was practicing.”


I’d also like to present Exhibit B:

The defendant was adamant that, and I quote, “It seemed like a fun place to sit.”


And finally, Sweetboy has blonde hair and blue eyes. Armed with that pertinent information,  I present our final exhibit of the evening. To this, I can only ask, “What The What?”  I give you… his self-portrait from school:



Phew! (In Which I Saved Us Yet Another Vet Visit)

“Hi Sweetman! Welcome home!”, says I, cheerfully.  A little too cheerfully.

“Uh oh.  How much is it going to cost?”, says he.

“Oh, no!  You have it all wrong (today)!  I saved us approximately (quickly estimating last pet emergency vet bill – say that 5 times fast!) $600!!”, says I.

“Really now.  Do tell.”, says he.  And quite frankly, it was with a little less exuberance than I had hoped for.

“Let me show you!”, I said as I whipped out the awesome evidence-producing-iphone-camera-photos.  And here they are…

I produce Exhibit A:

Riveting. I know.

And, Exhibit B:  (Look for the circled object.)

I rest my case.  Any day that Sweetdog does not swallow my wedding ring – is a good day.  Yes indeedy!