One Withered Fig


Sometimes,  a girl can get into a downright funk about her age. Can I get an amen?

I’m talkin’  a “one square of chocolate ain’t gonna cut it today, folks!” kind of funk.

I’ve been experiencing a few growing pains, lately.  As in, my age… It is growing.

Please, don’t misunderstand me here.  I knew it was an inevitability.  I just thought it wouldn’t be quite so painful.  Turning 30 was a piece of cake.  Turning 40 was an even bigger piece of cake!  And I’ve taken pride in my ability to weather each new birthday with All The Laughter.

But this year, I face 42.

And, I’m feelin’ it y’all!  I got The Nostalgia the other day when I heard  Mike & The Mechanics’, “The Living Years”.  Immediately, I started to get all “Is this what almost half a lifetime looks like?”, with a side of “Who is that old lady in the mirror?”.

In the midst of all my moaning and groaning, though, there was a Small Still Voice whispering in my ear. And this is what it brought to mind:

“Let all that I am praise the Lord;
may I never forget the good things he does for me.”

Psalm 103:2 (NLT)

That brought all my caterwauling to a skidding halt! Because, there are so many good things.  Another Bible translation reads, “and forget not all His benefits.”

Sometimes, my life oozes the benefits of God, but I’m so stinkin’ wrapped up in this world’s vision of Worth, that I can’t see them.

I see them right now. Today I choose to focus on:

His steadfast presence even when I stalk away in a huff

His strength for every stinkin’ moment that I am weak or unable or unwilling

His grace in spades for this messed up little girl of His

His mercies new every single morning that He gives me breath again

His everlasting love for me exactly as I am and where I am

His patience with me as He continues to refine me

His blood poured out for me despite my sin

Whether I’ve accomplished much in the world’s eyes, doesn’t matter one withered fig to our God.

I can’t help but imagine that I must be fairly ripe (in the very best sense, of course, because otherwise, EWW!), because I certainly feel like He’s been using me lately.

And I love that! I love being used by God. Pick me! Pick me, God!  I am yours for the picking!

I believe I’ve officially written myself out of my funk, because 42 isn’t looking so bad.


Do any upcoming birthdays feel like they’re looming for you?  What helps you get a fresh perspective?