Do Something Fun

Barely able to contain her excitement at mama’s reaction, I watched my Sweetgirl out of the corner of my eye, yesterday, as I opened her Mother’s Day gift to me.  I unwrapped a lovingly made preschool painted print of her hand as a tree and her fingerprints as the flowers. Beautiful.  Then, I unrolled this interview paper:


I’m thrilled beyond belief to know that I’m still in my first decade of life, and that she recognized my deep and abiding love for ice cream. However, do you see that arrow up there on the left?  I had to work so stinkin’ hard not to cry when I got to that line.

Immediately, I started wondering what mental image, of me, my children will take into their adulthood’s.  “She doesn’t do anything for fun.”? OUCH!

Oh, how I want them to remember that mama did indeed have fun doing this most difficult and important job. Most of all? I want them to recall a mother who enjoyed being their mama.

The word “intentional” comes to mind here.  If that is truly how I want to shape their memories, then I do believe I’m going to have to do a little less of the head-down-finger-dance on the keyboard and a little more of this:

boogie_board_missindeedyThat is my mothering goal, moving forward.  It turns out that my Mother’s Day gift was a lesson.   One I’ve heard before, but clearly forgotten.

“Good, better, best;never let it rest.
Until your best is better, and your better is your best.”

If you’ll excuse me,  it’s time to go do something fun.

Be a mama to the two sweetest kidlets I know.

Yes indeedy.

Chasing a Dream – Part 2


Chasing a dream requires bravery. For some folks, that bravery comes in the form of Ice Cream Therapy. Ahem. Bravery truly comes, though, from The Source of all courage. We are reminded in 2 Timothy 1:7 that “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.
I believe that. Do you? We aren’t meant to be cowering in a corner over the possibility of failure. Nor are we meant to be shy with the gifts that others (and probably even ourselves) have identified in us. Maybe your dream (the one that always uses the gifts that are unique to you!) just needs to be whispered to with the love of Grace. The Grace that doesn’t care about the failing or succeeding; but cares only for the trying and the trusting.
We are meant to boldly walk forward, one step at a time, be it ever so tiny, toward all that God has for us. Our abilities? Our strength? Any self-discipline we can muster? It’s all from a God who loves us so. And God knows you. And me. Oh yes He does! And He wisely knows how best to help us tweak our individual gifts and use them for His glory.
friendly owl
I’d just bet that when we get lit from within with that ember of a dream that has ignited into a full-blown fire, God is up there smiling so widely. I imagine the angels are doing Holy fistpumps as we come suddenly discover what it is that we were meant to do. And when we get the courage to ask God for our next steps, He will give them.
And then? Stand back World! This is when it gets crazy exciting. When our God-given gifts collide with our God-given bravery, everything changes.
I want to be in that place of not worrying over the possibility of falling flat on my face in failure. I’m clinging to the hope of success. (Maybe with a little Ice Cream Therapy thrown in for good measure?)
Won’t you join me?