Some Things Just Aren’t Rational

I am officially caught up on Good Wife.

I am forlorn.

What follows is an actual conversation that took place in the 24 hours after watching The Episode.

Me – “Why aren’t you eating your chocolate marshmallow cereal, child?”

Child – “I don’t like chocolate anymore.”

Me – “Would you like a Hershey bar for breakfast?”

Child – “YES!”

Me – “Then, you still like chocolate. Now finish your cereal.”

Now, before I get comments about serving my children chocolate marshmallow cereal, let me state that this cereal is usually reserved for weekends. But, I was doling out whatever my bleary eyes landed on in the moments following The Most Shocking Episode of Good Wife Ever!

The last thing I was thinking about was breakfast choices.

I honestly couldn’t have cared less.

Did I mention that I was in shock?

I was still trying to reason out why!

Why, Josh Charles? Why? It wasn’t rational.  You made a mistake.

Call me.  We need to talk…

After I force my child to finish her chocolate marshmallow cereal.