Finding Out I Belong on an Episode of Hoarders

Hi. My name is Missy, and I’m a Hoarder. Of greeting cards. I’m not sure how, or even when, this travesty began for me. Truly. But it has become painfully obvious that I need an intervention.

Because I like to do exciting things in my downtime, like clean out cabinets that haven’t been investigated since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I found myself knee-deep in my “hold-all bin”.  Please, tell me that you have one, too? In our house, it’s the bin that holds bills, checkbooks, sewing kit, deck of cards, extra reading glasses that no one ever remembers we (I) own,  library cards from the town we used to live in 18 years ago, and whatnot.

And here is what I came to realize.

I have a greeting card addiction problem.  I give you, Exhibit A:

Card Hoarder

Would you care for a card?

Greeting card after birthday card after “Happy 2nd Birthday, Daughter” card (and my Sweetgirl is going to be FIVE people!) was pulled out.

Oh. My. Lanta!

The case against me was building quickly. With each anniversary card that I pulled out, I became more and more apprehensive about my ability to ever be left alone in the presence of a greeting card store without a chaperone, again.  I present Exhibit B:

Anniversary Card Hoarding

Here are the five I can show you.

No need to send in the cavalry.  Sweetman walked into the kitchen and literally stopped up short, mouth hanging open.  When he had composed himself, he said, and I quote, “Honey, you might have a problem.”