Horse War

Equinophobia, Hippophobia, if you prefer, or just plain, “I Don’t Like Horses-aphobia” can all aptly describe me. If you’re new around here, you might want to click over here to get a short backstory about my intense dislike for horses.  I am currently preparing my portion of the Grand Debate that will take place in Heaven.  The one wherein God and I?  We get to “go at it” about why He created the things in the first place. Oh yes indeedy. We are having that conversation.


Anywho, a Sweetfriend called the other day to offer me a bag of books for my Sweetgirl.  I, being the book lover that I am, never turn down the opportunity to add more books to our home.  And I didn’t think, for one hot second, that I might need to ask what sorts of books they were.


Imagine, then, my horror, upon opening the graciously donated bag, to find these:


And then these:


Seriously? Is there no end to this?


To this, I can only say, “Of course, you realize, this means war!”