Most of My Chains Are Gone


“My chains are gone.

I’ve been set free.

My God, my savior, He ransomed me.”

Chris Tomlin’s version of “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” never, and I mean never, ceases to make me sob. I sob for those who still don’t understand the freedom that God’s mercy and grace provide. I sob for the Christ that bore my sin upon that Cross. I sob for my loved ones who don’t understand why any of this should matter to me so much. And, ultimately, I weep with joy for the freedom I have because of His selfless act on my behalf.  And yours.

My friends, do you even know how very much you are loved?  If you do, let’s rejoice, together, this Easter Sunday.

And, if you don’t? Well, I’m betting you know this song below, regardless of the religious upbringing you grew up with. Would you give it another listen?  With fresh ears.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by Chris Tomlin

Oh, how I hope something new stirs in your heart!

Because, the more friends I can rejoice with, the bigger and better the party will be.  Yes indeedy!  You can take that promise right to the empty tomb.

Happy Easter! 

Please, Stick In My Teeth


It might seem irreverent; what I’m about to share.  It isn’t meant to be.  It’s meant exactly how you read it.


Somehow, each Sunday morning, as I pick up that teeny tiny square cracker meant to represent the body of Christ, broken for me, and for you, I worry that it can’t possibly be enough to cover my multitude of sins.  This cracker, no bigger than my fingernail is meant to represent the body, the body! of the One who died, on purpose, because of His great love for me. And you.


That almost ludicrous-sounding truth sears my brain every single time I pick up that teensy cracker and ponder the entirety that it’s meant to signify.


So, while I’m chewing, I pray,  “Please, God, stick in my teeth. Let that little bit that’s still stuck up there in the top right back molar just… stay. I don’t want it to be swallowed down. Let it just stick right there and cover me! Amen.”


As I head into Sunday, that will, again, be my prayer, shot Heavenward, when I partake of communion.


Irreverent? Maybe.  Heartfelt? Indeed!