Determination for the Destination


Sometimes, you will all at once realize that the battle you fight with yourself isn’t the one that really matters.

If you are so blessed as to be given eyes to see this truth, consider yourself blessed indeed.

It takes an act of will far beyond what I am capable of mustering up on my own to tear myself away from the current battle and zero in on the one that needs to be fought.  Is this true for you, too?

Food seems to be a constant struggle.  Eating for the wrong reasons, eating the wrong things for the right reasons, eating during emotional highs and lows – they are all battles I fight.  But, I’m beginning to see that the real battle isn’t there. It isn’t in the food. It’s in the attention that I give the food.  It takes the place of something someOne it has no right to.

And as some of you know, I have determined, recently, to make changes.

The road to Change is hard.

Recently, I was given the privilege of walking with a friend while she is fighting an altogether Other Battle. This is what I am learning: while we are all journeying toward victory, the way we arrive there will be different, person to person. The pits on my road are deeper in some places and much shallower in others.

And this I know that I know that I know to be true: the road will be paved with grace.  Oh, yes it will.

Because that’s the kind of God, the Only One, who would allow us to choose the route to our final destination. He is The Smoother of the bumpy wayward journeying. And although the battle that each of us fights in the flesh may be different, the determination that He endows us with is the same.

And when my journey goes sideways, as it often does, or stalls out, as it is prone to doing, the grace paved road is still there.  Ready. Waiting for me to place one tentative foot back onto it. To feel the sure footing that only Grace and Love provide.

And I will. Because, in taking a hard look at what needs to be seen, I realize that Change is not a destination – it’s a journey.

I’m determined to continue on the new road.

How about you?

I’m joining the community, MY community, over at P31 Ministries Online Bible Studies for our study of Made To Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  Click the button below to get some more encouragement for your journey.


Two-For-One Lessons


There are moments when it seems like everything you know about faith is turned on its head.  You know those moments I’m referring to, don’t you?  A loved one reveals a character flaw that takes you by surprise; a friend lets you down so big that you’re not sure if friendship is something you ever want to pursue again; or, your child gets a diagnosis that no fever-reducing medicine can touch.  We can all probably add to this list from our many life circumstances.

While I’ve certainly encountered my share of big reveals, back-biting, and bedside vigils, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way in this faith journey, of mine.  I’d like to share them with you in the hopes that it will help bring you some comforting perspective as you travel along on your own path to deeper faith.

Join me over at Fancy Little Things today, won’t you?   I’d sure love to hear about your own lessons learned. Click the button below to head on over there and read the rest.


I apologize for the glitch today.  It looks like all systems are a go now.  So… go.  Now.  Pretty please?

One For the Curators Among Us

Recently, a sweet bloggy friend posted before and after pics of completely realistic and doable DIY projects for each room (YES – there IS such a thing!) So inspirational, that one.  When you get a minute, go check her out over at The Domestic Fringe.

Anyhoo, my friend spoke of needing her kitchen to be a happy place.  This made complete sense to me.  And, it inspired me to show you a picture of the one happy place in my own kitchen – the window above the sink. Your happy place might be in the bedroom, or bathroom, or office.  I choose to make my “happy place” in my kitchen, because what I have to do in there does not –no, it does not- make me happy. Also, it’s the only part of my kitchen that is decorated in any way, shape, or form.

The day that the cooking and decorating genes were handed out?  I was totally absent. The only thing that I do in the kitchen that makes me “happy”, is when I get to clean.  Not. Even. Kidding.  And, while I love a good cleaning bender as much as the next obsessive-compulsive person, I honestly abhor cooking. To be quite frank, I only cook because people in my home, whom I cherish, must eat to live..

But, there is grace. God did see fit to bless me with an amazing mother-in-law. She received both of those genes, and the decorating sense, in spades; and, thank goodness.  Without her near constant help influence, my house would be a hot mess of white walls! And I’m about 101% certain that it’s difficult to turn white walls into a hot mess.

When we moved in, she encouraged me to pick out a fabric so that she could make cute little curtains for each window. She told me where I might consider hanging them. (I must admit, right here and right now, that I had no idea that curtains could be hung at different places within a window!)

After I chose a fabric (seriously people, that, in and of itself was a harrowing enough experience!), my mother-in-love took pity on me and made the curtains, bought the rods, and showed me exactly where to hang them.  She also provided the idea for the little lights above the window in the kitchen. But, I did actually go hunting for, and string up, the rice lights all by my self.  True story.

The rest of the stuff (I like to use terribly complex decorating terminology) along the windowsill, though, is all me.  Maybe I shouldn’t state that so arrogantly.  Especially as I eyeball the pictures I’m about to share with you.  Maybe I should say,  um… I did the best I could with the decorating skills God gave me?

Okay, one more thing before “unveiling” the pictures that I am about positive all of you can wait for.

Is it just me, or does every decorating expert, article, or show seem to have an obsession for the word “curate”?  What happened to the word “organize”?  Is that word now completely defunct? Where was I when “organize” morphed into “curate”?  Oh, the questions I have…

Alrighty then.  Let’s play show and tell.

Here is my happy place.

In the kitchen.

Go easy on me.

Stalling much?



That long painted beach scene board I picked up at an arts & crafts fair on Long Beach Island, one summer.  I made the “Be Intentional” print and put it into a picture frame to remind me of my One Word for 2013.  That lovely baby poop brown “sculpture” to the left of the white frame was lovingly handcrafted by my Sweetboy.  We are attempting to grow a carrot.  In a very small pot.  I’m not sure how that logically will work.  But, I’m rolling with it.  Then, over there on the right, I have my treasures.  My fishy bowl of dark chocolates, mason jar of favorite shells, and my Journey monthly devotional magazine.

Seriously, what else could a girl want in her corner to bring her contentment?

So, tell me! Where’s your happy place?