Right of Passage

When I wrote about my faith taking flight on the wheels of the big yellow bus last August, I didn’t intend for it to zoom off to the last day of Kindergarten. At the speed of light.

On a scale of one to Stepping On a Lego, I do believe my heart would say, “That Lego’s been crushed!”

Because, this morning, I watched this bouncy-haired, chatterbox, ball-of-cute walk across the stage and accept her Kindergarten Certificate.



I cannot even.

The joy and the sorrow of watching her traipse across that stage…

Sitting in the auditorium, sweating like it was summer in hades, I wasn’t worried about my difficult hair, that was now giving the Lion King a run for his money.  I wasn’t concerned that rivers, forget rivulets, of sweat were drenching my body.

No. All I could think was, “Didn’t she just shoot out into the world?”

Didn’t she?

Seriously? If this is how it went down for Kindergarten Graduation, can you even imagine High School Graduation?

They’ll have to sedate me.

Sweetman jokes about us needing some Thorazine darts for the kids.  Forget that! I’m gonna need ME one of those right now!

And tomorrow?

Oh, sheesh! Tomorrow, I believe that I may just lose my marbles all-together!

We have our Fourth Grade Clap-out in the morning. That glorious moment, the last day of school, when all of the 4th graders wind their way through student and parent-lined hallways to thunderous applause. They then get directly on the buses and head to the Intermediate School, where they meet their teacher and fellow homeroom students for next year. I’m not sure if other schools across this great nation provide this sort of torturous Right of Passage, but ours does.

LORD, be near!

And, lucky me, I have a Kindergartener AND a Fourth Grader this year!



If you need me, I’ll be over in the corner with dark chocolate smeared across my face and my eyes glazed over from the Beachfront Bargain Hunt marathon I’ve been watching.

Also, with a child stapled underneath each arm.

Because, I’m all done with this “sending them off” business…

Yes indeedy!

Kindergarten Art Saga

I feel the need for a follow-up to the whole “Kindergarten Art” saga that has been going on around here lately.

It continues.

Each time I determine to put this whole business behind me, she brings me another piece of art. And I’ve taken to asking first and foremost, “Was this hung anywhere in school this month?”

Because, her art has been getting a lot of airplay, lately.


But, I promise, I am officially over it.

You know why? I’ll tell show you why! Because, Sweetgirl came home with this:


And, seriously?  I’m so elated that the girl remembered that we actually do other things besides the imaginary basketball playing in see-thru dresses, that I couldn’t give two hoots about the “art”. Especially the complete LACK of clothing while catching butterflies.

No, really!

Happy Weekend, friends.  And don’t forget to Spring Forward Saturday night! Yup. Mother Nature may hate New England, but Spring is coming either way!

Can I get an amen?

We’re Working On It

I posted this picture, which Sweetgirl had drawn, on The Facebook a few weeks ago:


While colorful and detailed, some of the details concern me. Like, why are they picking flowers in ball gowns?  Why can you see through their dresses? And, probably most importantly, why don’t the puffy sleeves look like… sleeves?

“Look at how happy everyone is!”, someone pointed out.

“What lovely and colorful dresses!”, another said.

I chalked it up to “Kindergarten Art.” And, since that last drawing was meant to be delivered to a little friend down the street, I was able to just let it go.

Until this one.

Which is now prominently displayed in the hall.

Of her school.


And it took the loving text message from one of my dearest Sweet Friends to alert me to this. Apparently, lots of folks in our school now have questions.

“Why do they play basketball in ball gowns over there?”

“Those are puffy sleeves, right?”

“Where, exactly, are they buying those ball gowns, anyway?”

However, I am an eternal optimist. Despite the fact that I have never, in the history of ever, played basketball with that child, I see potential in her story-telling abilities.

And then, there’s always this:

Sweetfriend_Text_aboutSweetgirl_MissindeedyOh, yes indeedy!

Brave New Year

Climbing back down from Mount WashMore the other day, I was reflecting on this brave new year we are entering around here, and how everything can turn around with a new perspective.

One can lament that school is starting in 1 day and 15 hours.  Or… one can look forward to making new friends and seeing old ones in only 1 more day and a couple of hours. (And, I don’t think anyone has to guess who’s doing the lamenting, right?)

A bouncy haired child can be insistent that she doesn’t need to stay at school All The Day Long this year. Or… she can joyfully look forward to moving on to “big girl school” with brother.  (Say it with me now, “I NOT going.”)

A mama could cry endless tears of sorrow for the years that have flown by far too quickly as she considers that her baby is going off to Kindergarten Much Too Soon and that her oldest is far too tall.  Or… she can step out on the edge of Trust and praise God for this new season and all that it could bring. (There will be more tears, though. Of that, I am sure!)

And maybe, instead of being the girl who talks a big game about how God is faithful and how He loves her children more than she ever could,  she can become the girl who lives like she believes it.



And maybe she’ll allow her faith to take flight on the wheels of a big yellow bus on Tuesday.

Until then, though, she’s praying.

For strength to wave bravely as the bus heads off and turns the corner.

For the willingness to Cry It Out on a few sweet shoulders.

And for the patience needed to get through the day believing that God’s got this.

And them.

Anyone else???

(Pass the tissues, please.)

Back in Action, Maybe, Mostly, Part 1

I feel the need to forewarn you – I do not have my act together. (I’m 101% sure, though, that almost every one of you already knew that.)

But, as it pertains to today – I really and truly  don’t have my act together.

So… today’s post will be a 2-parter.  But no worries for those of you that detest cliffhangers (I do too!), the other part is coming later on this afternoon.

A fun little summer montage may or may not follow, if I get my act together later. Today. Maybe.

For now, though, I’m letting my heart linger on the summer memories we’ve been busy making because MY BABY IS GOING TO KINDERGARTEN in too few days.

Thankfully, my nephew took my mind off of all of this Kindergarten Business by hitting me with a picture of him eating my Last Precious Piece of Cake from the local snack bar that we love down on the shore.  Stinker.


Thank you God for summer memories.

I pray each one of you have had the chance to make a couple of your own memories, this summer.

Yes indeedy!