The Tie That Binds

One thing I can always count on, in my relationship with The One Who Sees Me, is tethering.  He will not leave me stranded out there in the world.  He does not let me get too far adrift.

And friends?  I can drift pretty far.

Can’t we all?

Finding myself gasping for breaths of air in between huge swells that come crashing down, one after the other, I so often question how I got so far out into The Storm.

But, He is there.  And I know He is present because he tugs at the love knot that He has tied around my heart. Gently, He reminds me that we are tethered together, He and me.  I feel that little tug and know with certainty that I will be okay.

Even if I’m out on an adventure that He never willed for me, the tie that binds us is still there.  He waits patiently, oh-so-patiently, for me to feel that gentle tug and make my way back to Him.

And I am thankful this morning for that love knot.

Yes indeedy.

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