A Stretched Out Circle

Learning takes place at all sorts of random times around our house.  Bedtime, for example, is a prime time for learning in our home.  Maybe it is in yours, too?

Whatever book has been chosen for reading before bed, is sure to provide plenty of learning opportunities. For example, when reading about how Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck carefully apply their lipsticks, I am informed that it’s “NOT lipsticks, Mama.  It’s lipstickses!”.  Alrighty then.

The entire bedtime procedure, really, is quite the learning process. Especially as it varies from child to child. It puts me on a learning curve so steep that I come down with a bloody nose more than a time or three.

Take the subject of Shapes.  While reading a book about them, and reviewing the attributes of each, I was stopped at The Oval.  Sweetgirl proclaimed that an oval is really a stretched out circle.  She is so clever, that one! But then, she proceeded to announce that “It’s like YOU, mama! Round in the middle and stretched out on the top and bottom!”

Wait! What just happened?

Like I said, a bloody nose people.

In a stretched out circle.