The Tie That Binds

One thing I can always count on, in my relationship with The One Who Sees Me, is tethering.  He will not leave me stranded out there in the world.  He does not let me get too far adrift.

And friends?  I can drift pretty far.

Can’t we all?

Finding myself gasping for breaths of air in between huge swells that come crashing down, one after the other, I so often question how I got so far out into The Storm.

But, He is there.  And I know He is present because he tugs at the love knot that He has tied around my heart. Gently, He reminds me that we are tethered together, He and me.  I feel that little tug and know with certainty that I will be okay.

Even if I’m out on an adventure that He never willed for me, the tie that binds us is still there.  He waits patiently, oh-so-patiently, for me to feel that gentle tug and make my way back to Him.

And I am thankful this morning for that love knot.

Yes indeedy.

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A Beauty in Truth

There is such a beauty in truth, isn’t there?

Feeling the need to find my people, be purposeful, create beauty… it’s all percolating in my heart.  And I long to do these things without being rejected.  Without having my purpose be cast aside as unimportant.  I deeply desire to see others appreciate the words I create.  I do, indeed, long for these things.

And yet, I am afraid.  I’m afraid to fail, to not matter, to produce words that do not reach into hearts.

But, I go ahead and do these things afraid.

I do them because if I don’t, what is true of me will not be seen.

And what is true of me?

I am a sinner, the worst among them.

I will fail, many times over.

What I create may well end up being of no consequence.

But what is also true of me?

My Audience of One tells me that what is true is that I am already accepted.  I am already created with a purpose.  I was, in fact, already a thing of beauty creatively made in the image of One I can only pray to be more like every day.

I’m reminded that all that matters is that I believe these things – that I believe Him!

And that is a beautiful truth.

And it sets me free.

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Five Minute Friday




The excuses would run rampant.  And I had one for every possible way to be asked or encouraged. I told everyone who would listen that I didn’t need to. That I wasn’t ready.  That it wasn’t important compared to all that I had already surrendered. Whenever the opportunity arose to learn what it entailed, I’d switch into “duck and run” mode.

Watching others do it? Made me cry.   But I didn’t understand why.


The final time it was Someone Else’s Turn.  It was a child.  A brave and tender 13 year old boy.  I could only think of my own son, 7 at the time.  I watched him watch it all happen and realized that I was denying him the chance to see me obey.

And that is when the dam broke.  Waves of understanding began crashing in on me.

Then is exactly the moment when I remember committing to being baptized.  In faith.  Under water.  With You.

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Five Minute Friday

This week’s word prompt is ORDINARY



Moments that feel like they should be ordinary, but turn out to be anything but?  Those are the sweetest to me.  A cranky child railing against you for imposing bedtimes and manners and kindness, suddenly grabbing your leg and begging for kisses.  An angsty Pre-preteen catching you off guard with his “I love you so much mama.” on the way out the door.  Your husband’s arrival home from a long day of working hard to provide – and you see a twinkle in his eye, that’s just for you.  Yes please!

Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord will provide, means more to me than a job, a meal, or a needed piece of clothing.  To me? It also means that He will provide lightning-bright moments of beauty to punctuate my ordinary.

And oh, how I love to be zinged by God.  To be reminded of how very much He loves me.  And wishes to provide for me.  The essentials, sometimes.  But sometimes?  The essentials are a little less like a choice of cereal and a little more like an unexpected snuggle.

Zing me, God.  Let me see all the many splendored ways You show me just how extra-ordinarily beautiful it is to be loved by You.

Oh, indeed.

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