Three Little Words

Recently, I had the good big blessing to be on a live call with Bob Goff. Yep – that dude.

Do you know what Love Does? It makes time for people who want to know more about what it is, exactly, that makes you shine so bright.

And the amazing Mr. Goff did just that.

Something incredible happened on the call, though.

Lives were rerouted.

Toward Love.

As he poured out of the great grace and love that’s been showered upon him, in his own life, a revolution started to take place in my own heart. I realized afresh how important it is to acknowledge how often Grace has visited me.

And to live out of that.

No matter who is rocking my boat.

One of the interviewers asked Bob a question about how to love hard people. Seriously, don’t we all have that question?

What he shared next changed my post order for this series. It hopped right into my head and redirected me to share his words.

They were that powerful.

Write them down.  Shout them out. Whisper them earnestly.

Just use them.

Three little words…


There was more to it, of course. There always is.  But, somehow, he boiled down our human to human difficulties right on down to those three words. And three more.

Walk in love.

Those two little phrases can bring beautiful things to any situation.  The hardest conversation, the most righteous indignation, even the holiest of fires. I know, because I’ve been on the receiving end of some precious few who chose to live in grace. Despite me.

We don’t have to worry about what the other person is thinking, saying, or doing. We just have to Live in grace. Walk in love.

I can certainly try.

Yes indeedy.

How ’bout you?


This post is day 3 in the 31 Days writing challenge.