One Messy Morning


It was my undoing the other morning.

For what felt like the first time the entire school year, we were all dressed and ready to head out the door on time.

“Can I have a waffle before I go, mama?  I’m still hungry” requested my littlest, soon to graduate from Kindergarten. Lord, hold me!

We had time. I quickly popped in one of those fluffy little toaster waffles and got to work filling a small dipping bowl with syrup.  Surely, that would contain the mess.

“I can’t find my library books mom!”, shouted the older one from the landing.

Off I went to help round-up books.

That he miraculously remembered, five frustrating minutes later, were never actually brought into the house.

“Oh yeah! We didn’t go to library last week. Huh. I guess I don’t have to worry about it after all.”


“Mama! I got syrup on my shirt!”

Deep breath…

“And in my hair! YOU forgot to put my hair up first, mama!”

Any hopes I had of getting out the door on time, and unfrazzled, were now officially dashed.

Attempting to be helpful, that sweet little girl “set” her syrup dipping bowl, her ceramic syrup dipping bowl, into the sink.

Where it proceeded to shatter into about twenty-three pieces.

I lost just the tiniest bit of patience.

And exploded.

“You children must take responsibility for these things!”, I all but shrieked.

Just great.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s experienced a morning, or ten, like this?

It all made for a very heavy heart as the kids scooted out of the car in the carpool line.  My hurried “Bye! I love yo-” as the door slammed shut only served to make the heaviness settle deeper.

But then…

Then, I got home and opened up Limitless Life by Derwin L. Gray and fixed my eyes on this:

“God supernaturally fulfills His purposes through humanity’s messy, self-determined actions.”

One sentence!

I only had to read one sentence to be reminded that I am already one of God’s treasured Masterpieces.

God knew.

He knew I needed that exact sentence at that exact moment to usher hope right back into my day.

Oh, yes indeedy!

He knew that every self-determined word out of my mouth that messy morning would be able to be turned around, for His glory.

And that brought me immense comfort.

As my children got off the bus that afternoon, I hugged them tightly.

“I’m sorry about this morning, guys. Mama makes mistakes.  God showed me today that He knew that was going to happen and that it’s okay.  He still loves me. And I love you. TONS!”

Both kids looked at me like I had sprouted a flower out of my ear.

That’s okay.

They hugged me back and started chattering away about their day.

I realized, again, that although I may not be able to see how that messy morning fits into the masterpiece God is creating with my life, He surely is.

And that’s a great comfort to me.

Because, I’ve no doubt that I have other messy mornings, and afternoons, and evenings, in my future.


we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus…”  Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

Messy mornings, and all!

We’re talking about how God makes a masterpiece out of our messes over at the P31 Ministries Online Bible Study Blog Hop today.  If you’d like to get more encouragement, click the button below.


An Ode to Mondays (of Sorts)


You know that I like to keep it real around here.  So, in an effort to provide full disclosure, I thought you should all know how I really feel about Mondays.

Mondays, Oh Mondays…

How I detest thee.

The earlier the rise,

The more I despise,

All things related to thee.

Mornings, Oh mornings…

When you walk hand in hand with Those Mondays,

You are detestable too.

Yes indeedy.

The End.

(I never claimed to be a poet.  I do, however, claim to have an Eeyore streak. (Remember that?)

The only thing  – no make that things, there are three, actually – making this particular Monday bearable are:

  • Coffee (always blessed coffee)
  • A Skype session (with a dear online friend)
  • VBS at our new church (that I am not working!) HELLO!  I will have the entire house to myself for 2.2 glorious hours (I had to factor in the driving to and fro).  Oh, yes I do!

I know God made every day to be a gift, but really… I’d like to visit the returns department for most Mondays out of the year. How ’bout you?  Do you love Mondays?  Detest them?  Not really give two hoots?  I do. Tell me! I need to know who my real friends are.  Oh, I jest… you are SO all my real friends.