Karate Chopping Coffee Cups

I don’t want to brag, but… I can break a finger with one well-placed karate chop to my favorite coffee cup.


I woke up Monday, the first day back to school for the kids (I feverishly prayed!), and padded downstairs to fire up my IV drip of coffee.  When I opened the cabinet to pull out my favorite coffee mug, it jumped out at me.


And, I shouldn’t really brag twice in one post, but… I have super-quick reflexes.

Too quick, in this case.

I threw my hand out to break the fall of the mug. (Have I mentioned that it was my favorite one?)

And I broke my finger instead.

It takes talent, people.

Now, as we’ve covered in my little rash story, I am one in a million. And apparently, this break is so perfectly placed on the top of my finger that there is nothing that can be done for it. It will “heal thyself”.

And they say only Jesus can perform miracles!

My Very Most Favorite Coffee Mug, however, will not share the same fate.  After I iced my finger for a good long while and calmed everyone in the house down, I went to pick up my beloved cup and this is what happened:


I did try to super glue it. And Gorilla Glue it. And pray over it.

Sadly, it just would not heal thyself.  (Although I left it out overnight just in case Jesus wanted to surprise me with that. I’m always on the lookout for the miraculous!)


So, I’ve made a note never to attempt karate chopping coffee cups again.

And, not to overstate the obvious but… I clearly have a very powerful karate chop. Because, I’m pretty sure that when I’ve opened the cabinet each morning this week, the rest of the coffee cups have trembled at the presence of my powerful hand.

Pretty sure.