Every Dog Has Its Day

Once upon a time there was a yellow Sweetdog with boundless enthusiasm and zest for life. (Please read that, loved to eat human tube socks and sniff crotches.) This Sweetdog was beloved by her humans more than she could ever know.   She did, in fact, teach her newly-married humans how to love another living thing in a way they’d never experienced as swingin’ singles with no attachments. And her humans were grateful.  They loved her so much that as she flapped her jowels, sending dog drool that measured by the foot flying this way and that, they laughed about it.  They loved her so much, that when she started making a game of seeing just how many socks she could swallow, they happily chased her around the yard trying to get her to ingest the hydrogen peroxide that the vet told them would bring it “back up”.  They patiently bathed her over and over, at three o’clock in the morning, because she’d gotten a little too up-close-and-personal with a skunk.  They just loved her so.

And then one morning, they came downstairs to find that Sweetdog had, seemingly, grown white around her muzzle overnight!  “How did this happen?”, they asked.  “When did this happen?”, they wondered.  Before they knew it, this dog, this Sweet ol’ doggy girl, began losing her patience with the children that she loved.  She began leaving us “nuggets of friendship” most mornings in her bed.  Her bladder rebelled against time that made it wait too long to relieve itself.  And, born with a deformed shoulder bone, this Sweetdog began to find it more and more difficult to get up to the places where she could snuggle up with her humans.

So, her humans have taken to getting down on the floor to snuggle at her level.  All four of them.  You see, even though she snips at Sweetgirl when she gets to close to that achin’ shoulder, she still loves her so.  And even though Sweetboy sometimes forgets to feed her first thing in the morning, he still loves her so.  And those two humans that she started out with?  They realize that the clock is a tickin’.  And they don’t want to waste one precious moment left with their Sweetdog.  Because they heart her so.  And always will. Yes, indeedy.