Top 5 Reasons Why I Like to Lay Low

We’re sick.  And tired.  Literally and figuratively.  You know those months when you’re going 90 to nothin’ and yet nothing truly important is getting accomplished? It had been one of those months for us in September. I knew to expect this, to a certain extent, because September is a crazy-busy family birthday month for us.  But, I didn’t expect to feel so stinkin’ tired and unproductive at the end of it.

So, when Sweetboy started feeling under the weather Friday, I actually got excited at the prospect of a “layin’ low” kind of long weekend.  And here are my top five reasons why:
1.  Naps happen.  Indeed.


2.  You get to overhear some fascinating conversations.  Conversations like this:
Sweetboy – “Sissy, I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you!” (I don’t even want to know what prompted that response in the first place…”)

Sweetgirl- “Aww, Brudder, but I love you.”

Sweetboy – “I know. But we can live next door to each other forever.  Maybe on the same street as Mama and Daddy.”  (The verdict is still out on whether anyone other than Sweetboy or Sweetgirl is in favor of that idea.)


3.  You can really busta’ move with the house cleaning and organizing.  Or not.


4.  There is nowhere to go; no place to be.  That, my friends, means no necessary hair battles; otherwise known as The Daily Shower.  Can I get an Amen?


5.  You finally get the chance to catch up on all of the shows you’ve DVR’d.  But, there are small people who also want to watch their shows. One of whom is still under the weather. What’s a person to do?  Did I mention naps happen?  Oh yes they do!


What do you like to do when you lay low?

Sunshine State of Mind

Family is pretty stinkin’ precious. We feel that in full measure tonight. We spent a blessed 2 weeks with The Nana and Captain Ahab and oodles of time with the cousin, too.  Our fourth of July celebration was subdued, but with family and close friends, so altogether lovely.  As we closed our vacation time out in  sunny Florida with the grandparentals, we started realizing that there would be a few things that we would be missing somethin’ fierce. These things put us all into a sunshine state of mind, and here they are, in no particular order:

1)  I’ll miss being able to go out into the yard and just grab a mango off of a tree.  Back to grocery store mangoes for me…

We had delicious mangoes almost every single morning or afternoon.

2) That Sweetgirl – she does NOT nap.  I mean… ever!  The motion of the ocean finally got to her, though.  Praise The Lord! And Amen.

Naps don’t get better than this. Right?

3) I get great pleasure out of seeing my Sweetboy do this; and he did a boatload of it:

The child – he surely does love his snorkel and mask.

And lastly,

4)  I realized two things after I planned and executed the following picture.

It’s been a great vacation when you’ve got a ring tan!

The first is that it makes me all kinds of happy to see a ring tan on my finger there.  (Hopefully, that’s obvious by my… you know, ‘planning and executing’ a picture of my tan-lined ring finger. And now that I’ve written that down, I do believe I might just need an intervention.)  And the second thing is that Sweet Moses! I have some unsightly man-looking hands.

I can’t win em’ all.  Indeed.

I sure hope y’all are  enjoying your summer so far!  Whatcha doin’?