Sometimes You Need a New Station

I love me some Pandora.  There are a handful of stations that I could about listen to right on into the ground.  My Jack Johnson station – uh-huh!  My All Sons & Daughters station. Yup! Hillsong Young & Free? Check! Andy Hunter because, trance! And, the Sade station? God Almighty said there’s a time for everything and let’s just leave it at that.


And I like listening to my tried and true tunes. Oh, yes indeedy.

Don’t we all?

My heart has been observing some subtle shifts in the rhythms of my life, lately, though.  And it unsettles my soul a bit.

Because shifts indicate change. And change tends to send me one of two ways: if it’s an adventure that I’ve sought out, I grab a hold of it with arms and legs wrapped fully around.  However, if it’s change that I wasn’t prepared for, I can sort of work myself into a full-stop shutdown.

I don’t have any great insights into why these are my two default responses, other than to know that they just are. Knowing this about myself, I can usually see a shutdown coming and head it off at the pass.


Once in a while, though, there’s a change that I couldn’t have seen coming if it landed on top of the nose on my face. Before I know it,I find myself tuning toward some station I wouldn’t have chosen if my life depended on it.

Then, I sit stupefied, realizing that I’m humming and bobbing my head to a song about being so fancy.

This leads me to believe that I just might need to seek out a new station or three and enjoy the ride of new rhythms and melodies. There is a season for everything, right?

Even azaleas.

Oh, there are songs we each take comfort in hearing.  And, they bring us back, bring us around, or bring us up. I think we can also probably agree that some music does more to lift our spirit right on up to the tippy top of Happy than any ice cream cone ever could.

But, as the song goes, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…” and all that.  I think I’m ready to tap my toes to some new tunes.

What in the world do all of these words mean?  I’m not sure I can share just yet.  But know this – I will!

Until then, why don’t you try out a new song.  You’d never believe the places you can go with some fresh beats in your ears.

Because sometimes, change dictates that you just need a new station.

If You Give a Mom Some Earphones

Today is International Women’s Day. I’d be remiss if I didn’t honor the women who have worked hard to pave the way for the rights and opportunities that exist for us today.

And, while I consider myself an excellent multi-tasker, this woman right here has learned that she truly can’t do it all.  But, in particular:

If you give a mom some earphones,

chaos may ensue.

She might become oblivious,

as music streams on through.

Things might be forgotten,

kids may be left waiting,

Chicken could be burnt,

all while she’s creating.

If she learns what’s good for her,

the earphones, she will hide.

Otherwise she soon may find

her problems multiplied!

Inspired by one of our family’s favorite children’s books, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff.

Sadly, I’ve come to realize how very much headphones and I don’t work well together. Unless you get an alarm involved.  (And, preferably, not the fire alarm.) Because, lately, every time I put on my headphones, click over to my beloved “All Sons & Daughters” radio station on Pandora, and attempt to multitask, any number of not-that-productive things can happen.

I could forget, for instance, that I put the chicken tenders in the toaster oven and the fire alarm could finally get my attention to let me know.

Or, I might start writing after putting the Sweetkids to bed, with the intention of writing for just a couple of hours, only to look up and see that it is 1:00 in the morning.  And those sweet children will be up and kickin’ again in five short hours.

Then, too, I’ve also had the great displeasure of locking myself out of my house, in my slippers. All because of those blasted headphones! I missed the arrival of the school bus and had to go to my kind neighbor’s house and explain why she had to scoop my kids up with hers.

Because, if you give a mom some headphones…

you should probably make sure that she also has an alarm.

Have you ever gotten lost in thought with your headphones on?  Please tell me other people do this too?