Plans Were Made

When the plans were made for Sweetman and I to leave our old church and seek a new one closer to home, we knew it would be hard on us, and even on Sweetboy.  Our eyes were wide open, as were our hearts. Careful planning went into exactly how we would “try out” each church that was under consideration, so as to minimize dragging the kidlets from church to church. To the Children’s Ministry folks at each church that we visited, I’m so sorry for the endless string of interview questions.

We prayed God that would steer us in the right direction, as we deeply desired to find a church that would provide connections for our quirky boy. Getting to know new people and making the effort to get involved were on our list of things that we knew we’d have to be willing to do. We sought wise counsel as we went along with our plans. We prayed some more.

Each factor that we considered was carefully accounted for. We made our list and checked it twice, as it were.


What we didn’t plan for?

How deeply this would affect Sweetgirl.  Always the one to get the short shrift in this family, she rolled with this whole decision from the get-go.


She received a birthday invitation from one of the friends she used to see at our Old Church. A lot.

And the tears… Oh, the tears!

“I don’t ever get to see that girl that I like anymore, mama. And I’m sad.”, said Sweetgirl.

My heart shattered into about five hundred pieces.

For her, yes.

And also, for me.

I thought we had planned for everything.  Indeed, we certainly had.

Only, our God reminded us that we’d left out one little curly cued factor.  And as she works through the hurt of change, I pray for the perfectly timed hugs and most needed words.

Change is hard.  It’s really just… hard.

How do you ease the hurt of change for the children you love? I’d really love some suggestions.