Missing Food and Mama

The pickins looked slim inside the refrigerator when we returned from our trip.  And we all know what that means.   A Mega Grocery Store Run was in my near future. You know the ones – you literally have to stop in each and every aisle to get at least two or four necessary items because being gone for two weeks means the eggs are shady and the lettuce is all yucka (I still maintain that is a technical term.).  I don’t enjoy these major grocery runs.  They always seem to eat up too much precious time that could better be spent… doing anything else, really.

Needless to say, I put it off for as long as possible.  May it never be said that I can’t procrastinate with the best of em’.  Indeed.  However, when the box that delivers the “Magic Stars” cereal has been upended and found empty, a wild look settles in the eyes of my sweet children and I know I need to head for the hills.  Or, the grocery store. Rats!

But, praise God from Whom all blessings flow because Sweetman worked from home today and offered to let me go do the Mega Shop alone.  Alone!  Oh, the joy! Only, I are tired (having just finished our first day of Church Camp Week).  So, I half-skipped and half-dragged my tired rump to the store.  (I did perk up when I realized that I could peruse the produce without any interruption.  It’s the small things, right?)

I usually grocery shop in about an hour. Round trip.  I have it all plotted and planned out and I surely do know how to get in there, get the goods, and get out quick.  Due to the Mega Shop, though, I didn’t make it home for about two hours.  And this is what I heard as I entered the door laden down with 8 bags of groceries (because, I’d rather get a couple of blood blisters than make 3 trips back and forth carrying in “loads”!):

“Mama! You’re back! You’ve been gone forever! It’s been like 2 whole hours!” 

It’s nice to be missed, isn’t it?

Until the above proclamation is followed by:

“Where are the Magic Stars?”