Five Minute Friday




The excuses would run rampant.  And I had one for every possible way to be asked or encouraged. I told everyone who would listen that I didn’t need to. That I wasn’t ready.  That it wasn’t important compared to all that I had already surrendered. Whenever the opportunity arose to learn what it entailed, I’d switch into “duck and run” mode.

Watching others do it? Made me cry.   But I didn’t understand why.


The final time it was Someone Else’s Turn.  It was a child.  A brave and tender 13 year old boy.  I could only think of my own son, 7 at the time.  I watched him watch it all happen and realized that I was denying him the chance to see me obey.

And that is when the dam broke.  Waves of understanding began crashing in on me.

Then is exactly the moment when I remember committing to being baptized.  In faith.  Under water.  With You.

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Death By A Thousand Cuts

We had to put Sweetdog down today.

I thought I was so smart to dispose of the obvious things that would remind me of her before we left for her “appointment” at the Vet’s office: her beds around the house, the pee pads under the couch covers, her huge bag of food in the pantry, her medications.  However, as it turns out, I forgot approximately 994 more.  And with each thing that I find I’ve forgotten today, it feels like another tiny slice on my heart.  My eyes blur from the hot salty tears that slide down my cheeks, unwanted that they are.  And that very action makes me cry even harder, because my Sweetdog loved to lick away tears.  She’d be filled to bursting with all of the tears I’ve shed for her today. Slice.

Thankfully, oh so thankfully, The Gammy and The Grampa came up to watch Sweetgirl and Sweetboy for us for a few hours.  Just when I thought Sweetman and I had cried it all out, we got home from the grocery store and began unpacking groceries.  Mercifully, the grandparents still hadn’t returned with our sweetchildren, because as I unpacked the first bag, I went to stuff it into the “poop bag holder”.  And I promptly burst into hot angry tears, screaming to no one in particular that, “We don’t even need to keep the grocery bags anymore!”.  Slice.

And as I sat down to write, just now, I put my foot on an errant dog toy that we had overlooked this morning.  Slice.  And then Sweetgirl asked when Puppy Pie Pie is coming back from the doctor’s office. Slice.

I know the hurt will subside with time.  I know that full well.  I also know that she was loved well and truly.  And those thoughts, too, are slices of their very own.  For in knowing that the hurt will fade, I worry that I will have forgotten things I want to remember about her.  And in knowing how well she was loved, I remember afresh that she’s no longer here with us to get that love.  Slice, slice…

I’m posting today for me.  It’s cathartic.  I need to write these things down so that I can preserve how very important a part of our family she was.  So important, in fact, that I feel like a little part of me is dying inside today.  By a thousand little tiny cuts.

Smart Phones For Better Marriages

Sweetman proposed the title.  I thought credit should go where credit is due.  Now that I’ve dispensed with the niceties, let me explain how we arrived at this catchy little title.  It was a team effort, you see; us being the two people in the marriage in question and all…

I kindly asked Sweetman to do something-or-other, as I usually do at one time or another. The something or other was of utmost urgency, I’m sure. So urgent, in fact, that he plumb forgot.  I was surprised. It was, after all, a fairly important thing.  Employing all graciousness, I had another go at it.  You know, asking him to remember something and all.  He forgot again.  I was perplexed. “This man is brilliant!”, I thought.  So how in the name of all that’s important could he forget something so, so… important?!  However, having infinite patience, (get OFF the floor and stop that laughing!), I tried again.  Oh, I waited a few days.  The necessity of the prior request was negated by, well… time and all.  This time, Sweetman insisted he absolutely would, he definitely COULD, remember.  In fact, said he, not only would he remember, he’d remember on time!  Oh- this, friends? This, I just HAD to see to believe.

And, I am here to tell you that he DID remember!  On time!  Well, his iphone remembered, anyway.  His oh-so-smart phone reminded him not once, not twice, but five times.  Yes.  I did, indeed, say five times.  He further admitted to me that his phone had to remind him five times in just two short hours for him to be able to “remember” to do the vitally important thing I had asked him to remember.  If my phone dinged at me five times in two hours to remind me of a “thing to do”, I’d huck that thing into the closest pond.  It’s a good thing I’m not married to a smart phone.  Although, I have heard there are some that will ask Siri if she would like to.  You know, get married.   And that’s just weird. No? I digress…

It would seem that smart phones do indeed make for better marriages.  You see, Sweetman now has a fail-proof system for remembering all of those oh-so-important things that I ask him to.  And that IS smart! Yes indeedy.